Mitt Romney Gives An Address On Foreign Policy – Full Video

Gov. Romney recently delivered a speech on foreign policy which demonstrates how his philosophies differ from the President’s.  Here’s a couple of lines:

But it is the responsibility of our President to use America’s great power to shape history-not to lead from behind, leaving our destiny at the mercy of events. Unfortunately, that is exactly where we find ourselves in the Middle East under President Obama.

You can listen to all of it here:

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  • jatheist

    Ugh… this pathetic attempt by Romney couldn’t be more superficial. I enjoyed the Ed Brayton’s handy dismantling of this speech here:

  • Brandon from NJ

    Yeah, I read through the whole Ed Brayton column, little more than stereotyping…

    First off, he never addressed the point of criticism, which was communication. There was real fact as to why he couldn’t have been more blunt and to the point about the whole affair. The acts in Libya were simply just terrorism. I don’t get why Susan Rice somehow tried to pretend it was otherwise. I don’t get why Obama isn’t mad at our U.N. ambassador for this poor message delivery.

    Regarding the Middle East, moving a point across that you simply don’t mess around with us. Nothing wrong with that. My only issue with the Obama administration, is why doesn’t he make it blunt that we simply need to massacre people with predator drones to drive the point across. Saying one thing and doing another, which is what our president does. Frankly, president can just admit it. It’s not hard to do.

    The assumption regarding Iraq is also pretty refutable as well. The issue is that Obama could push more forward to us about what is going on in foreign policy. Just tell us that the attacks in Libya and Egypt were terrorism, and that they were morally wrong, even the Libyan government is investigating the issue as a crime.