Thomas Peterffy: Freedom To Succeed Requires Capitalism

Thomas Peterffy grew up in socialist Hungary. Despite the fact that he could not speak English when he immigrated to the United States in 1956, Thomas fulfilled the American dream. With hard work and dedication, he started a business that today employs thousands of people.

Check out his powerful ad:

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  • billy D

    Republicans look so out of touch when they have these billionaires paying for on the air Whining. A billionaire who thinks complaining that Obama is making him somehow look or feel bad is absolutely hilarious and draws more attention to the ethics and values of the New Tea Party Republicans. There is no class warfare or envy, that is a Right Wing talking point proliferated by Fox News. Americans love a success story and always have. By having some poor billionaire running an ad telling us that we are somehow against success is really a stupid move on his part, just reminds me of that old saying about “a fool and his money”. He says in ad he is voting Republican. Apparently he has no problem with their record on immigration. Since he was an immigrant he must realize that under today’s Republican policies, he would never have been allowed into the country.

  • Joseph G. kunkel

    Mr. Peterffy claims he came from a socialist country, Hungary. That was a Communist Soviet Union dominated country. Britain, France and even Germany, like us, have socialist features in their mixes of government. My granparents came to America from Latvia in 1913 and were socialists who contributed to the working class and union movement. They were clearly socialists who contributed that philosophy as workers and union members to the vigorous growth of our country. Mr. Peterffy comes from the Communist perversion of ‘pure’ socialism that was carried out in a totalitarian format. Without the tension between workers and capitalists like Mr. Paterffy this country would not be what it became. Unfortunately we are reaching a brink in this country where the super rich are becoming an oligarchy who run the nation through their institutions and PACS which have been raised to the level of citizens by a misguided Supreme Court. Please, Americans, save us from all the extremes of self serving fanatics. Vote for the true center not for someone who pretends to understand your needs.

  • Tibor Osztroviczky

    To billyD: You have no idea how ignorent you sound. I am certain you have heard the expression: “… if stupidity would hirt, you would be running up and down on Broadway tearing your hair out…” obviously you are a “Cool Aid” drinker, and perhaps the space between your ears are completely EMPTY. If it was not so, than you would either be ashamed to make such an ignorant declaration as you did above, or would remain silent, so those who know you,would think that you are a wiseman. Because of your ignorance, as to how people live and or survive under the terror of Communism, first you should count your blessings, for not having to experiance, that. Communism has torchered, murdered in excess of 100 million people. 98% of them were as innocent as a “NewBorn Baby” To kill them, it was not uncomin to use gigantic meat grinders, and the victims were deposited, ALIVE. In Hungary after the War if you owned 5 acres of Land you went to jail, your son or doughter in in Collage, were kicked out, because your classification was ” reach, anamy of the STATE!” But you could became ab ENgeneer with degree in six months, provided you were a good party member. I could go on and on, with the facts of life as it is under the good old “Socialist dogma” but you would not understand it. Google,” Hungary 1956″ with our barehands we fought for freedom, nobody came to help us, even though we were promised and told to ” keep on fighting, after the election President Eisenhower will help” So please study your History, than Meditate, than be greatful and after that Fight with ALL you might to keep our Freedom in this Blessed LAND called the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

  • Tibor Osztroviczky

    Mr. Kunkel, you must be a neighbor, of the fool calling himself “billyD” I think the “D” must stand for degenerate. Unfortunatelly you are a lier or just as ignorant as this fellow before you. You state your Great Grandparents came from Latvia in 1913. The Litvanian, Esthonian people fought for their independance just as any sane individual would to protect his life. The Unions were already infiltrated with the good old Bolshevik Boys. For people it was not a choice if they wanted to belong, they had to, if not they were liquadated.
    I , between the age of 10 -13 was draged to the police station in the middle of the night with my father and was seated front of a window, they grabbed my Father and put Him outside holding Him head down and telling Him to join the Communist party. He NEVER DID! But 60 years later I still have nightmares of this annual ritual they performed on him 3- 4X a year. So your relatives came to this country not as Socialist, but in the hope, that they will survive and escape the terror that dominated Latvia.
    If you were not ignorant, as you are, than you would know, that this “empty suit” occopying OUR HOME in WAshington DC, was brought up by his Communist, Grandma and Grandpa, as we can tell they have trully despised the USA. We can not ferget about Mr. Davis the genius, who established the communist party in Hawaii. Can you imagene what would have happened to anyone , for instance in the Soviet Union, trying to start a movement favoring Capitalism? Right you are ! He would have been killed instantly on the spot. Actually what I would like to do with people possesing the volume of ignorance as the two of you seem to , I would buy you a one way ticket to Russia, and I would like to visit you and see how close you came to match Mr. Peterffy’s achivements. On second thought, it is not a good idea, because you do not have 1/10 of 1% mr. Peterffys menthal capacity, and they would ship you off to Siberia and surly you would just became one of the millions and millions who died there. On second thought maybe that is what our successful rich Americans should do, , gether all of you up and send you to what you convieve to be ” Paradise” – why not?
    I hope you are not one of those, worth nothing Liberal College professors, missinforming and demanding from our young impressionable kids to adopt the ideas of Liberalism ,destroying their chances for learning and developing their sense of appreciation so they can have a normal
    life. This gives me another idea: Our successful reach should start a campaign, and demand, that every College, University must have equal amount of Liberal and Conservative Normal Professors. What you think? The rest of you if you love your freedom, Believe me, the bigest mistake you’ll make if you vote for this Muslim or Socialist guy sleeping in our Home in D.C.
    God Bless America !!!!!!

  • Chuck

    This guy, Peterffy, whining on TV moved to the U.S. when the top tax rate was 70%

    and Capital Gains was anywhere from 26% to 36%. (it’s now 15%)–abc-news.html

    And he wants people to believe that since Obama wants to raise taxes on the top 2% from 35% to 39%, back to the Clinton rates, that this is somehow socialism? This guy is a disgrace. He is an American on paper only. This is one of the most vial and disgusting deceptions that I have ever seen in the media. This guy is a liar of the lowest order. He has no integrity as a human being.