The Many Stages of Election Grief – Documented for Everyone to See

So it’s one thing to cry.  It’s another to cry for the whole world to see.

When I got home to Tennessee, people began saying to me, “Hey, I saw you on NBC.”  Or, “I saw your photo.  Wow.  It looked like you were really upset.”

And, it’s true.  Apparently, my photo was picked up by some wire services and has appeared literally all over the world.  Now I’m even getting sympathetic e-mails and Tweets from liberals who’ve seen so many photos of me crying that they feel sorry for me.  I keep thinking I’ve seen them all, then someone sends me they’ve found!  So, let’s get these out of the way.






Nancy French, from Columbia, Tenn., watches vote results displayed on a television screen during Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s election night rally, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, in Boston. (AP Photo/David Goldman)


Nancy French, husband David, daughter Camille (13) and son Austin (11) react to the election results displayed on a television during Mitt Romney’s campaign election night event at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.


(Also could be captioned, “Our hope is not found in the White House anyway.”)


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About Nancy French

Nancy French is a three time New York Times Best Selling Author.

  • Valerie

    I am glad that you posted these Nancy. Thank you for sharing your feelings with your readers. I haven’t cried yet; I keep holding the tears at bay. A few have come when I look at pictures of Governor and Mrs. Romney, but I quickly move away. As close as you and David are to them, and the efforts you put into helping us know them better, I know it must be terribly difficult.
    What a loss for America. They had so much to offer in a time of great need. I hope that after a respite, they will share some of their future with us. I really, really came to admire them and more inportantly trust them.
    God bless you and your family. I wish you peace and hope to see you at CPAC 2013.

  • TimShawSr

    David and Nancy;
    You don’t know me, I’m LDS and live in CA. I have read all your postings during the campaign. I have dropped you a few comments. I just want to thank you with all my heart for giving your whole hearts for such a worthy cause. Gov. Romney is such a good, humble man that loves the Lord so much as you know. It just broke my heart every time I saw an Obama surrogate get on TV and lie about his character.

    It is increadable to imagine what must lurk in the hearts of men and women that gathered together with Obama before the campaign began. When they realized they had a completely failed presidency and no ideas to save the country from it’s sure collapse. And, realizing their opponent was going to be a man with impeccable integrity, a man of goodness, love, and charity, and filed with all the talent necessary to save the country from a certain disaster. And they decide that the only campaign strategy available to them was to “Kill Romney.” To spend a billion dollars to destroy the reputation and character of a good man I am sure their private detectives had already told them was untouchable. The only option available to them was to fabricate a web of lies. Personally, I just can’t imagine hearts so full of selfishness, arrogance and evil to form such a conspiracy.

    But, the struggle continues. This was only one battle in the war. There are many babies to save, and more elections to come. But really, in the final analysis what is of utmost importance making sure our families are safe and full of goodness, and the love of the Lord. Most of all our personal relationship with Jesus Christ is of paramount importance.

    I really want to thank you for the respect you have shown the LDS people, and allowed us to freely express our faith in the Lord without being corrected or talked down to. This is so refreshing. It has made me come to appreciate you both and love you even more.

    So with a full heart, and eyes full of tears, I thank you both for your hard work and hours away from your family. May the Lord bless you and your family for all your righteous efforts for a cause in promoting the values he taught us.

    Tim Shaw

  • Agkcrbs

    What a precious family. Bless your souls. You have a wealth no government can redistribute.

  • Tiffanie Wride

    Thank you for all you’ve done for the Romney and America, God bless you (ps – I love it – “Our HOPE isn’t found in the White House anyway” – couldn’t agree more!)

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  • Jackson Family

    Thank you for sharing the pictures. If you added to that complete sobbing, and crying out to God in “why’s?” you will have perfectly reflected our grief, beyond grief we all feel at the loss and the “if only” and “what might have been!” The hopelessness that washed over our hearts as we walked numbly through Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, until finally Sunday arrived. Where God began to once again heal and repair our broken hearts, and to slowly dry our tears. Letting us know that HE is STILL in control and that HE has plans for our lives! That we must TRUST HIM! Telling us He is the GOD of Hope.

    We all know that Mitt Romney and Ann, would have put our country back “Under God”. That Mitt would have and should have been the Greatest President Ever. That somehow he represented in our hearts our Moses, or Joshua. Leading us out of our “wilderness and vast desert with snakes and scorpions”, and sexual immorality and murder. That the thought of having him as our President made us feel that finally God and HIS Ways, His Laws, would finally be honored!! And because He “did not do evil in the eyes of the Lord, the people prospered and God’s hand was on them”. Somehow and for reasons I just cannot comprehend, “they” chose unGodly and unwise Nov 6,2012!

    But I personally cannot find peace or quietly go away and succumb to Obama winning this election for the following reasons:

    Our military fights for our freedom, yet their voters absentees ballots were not counted? & in fact sued (yet email, fax, & online votes were acceptable???

    Programmer testifying that voting machines are rigged?

    Voting more than once for Obama, no ID, Intimidation of elderly, disabled, mentally disabled, etc 2008 & 2012

    Our voting counted overseas?

    Finally, we now Obama is not a US citizen, a muslim, etc

    There are even eyewitnesses, of white vans of institutionalized men and women were loaded up to vote for Obama and yet had not idea what they were doing.

    How can all this be allowed and swept under the carpet for Obama to win, and Mitt Romney does not wish to fight it? It is not right that Obama wins this way. Mitt is a wonderful Godly man and he has shown restraint, dignity, love, and is a gentleman but why not fight these cheating ways? Why no demand for recount?

    Learn so much more wonderful things about Mitt here (

    It leaves us feeling empty, and alone. But Thank GOD HE says HE will never leave us nor forsake us. That our security must not rely on what we wanted/thought should happen. But still I wish Mitt would fight this!! And I know I am not alone? Can’t someone reach out to him and tell him so?

    Even now I am still praying that GOD will change Mitt and Ann’s hearts and decision to give “us” another try. That he will run again in 2016 because he sees and hears our chats, blogs, websites, twitters, Facebooks, emails, etc. And he saw we VOTED for him, we love him, pray for him, agonize at the loss of him!! Please, please tell him we need him still and to prayerfully consider 2016!!,,,,,,,,,, WeaselZippers.usa,,,

  • Christian

    This article and the comments are completely ridiculous. Boo Hoo Hoo. Poor Mitt and Ann. Get over your sanctimonious self-righteousness. God hates your kind of ugly. Mitt is not a Christian and his campaign weeded out a lot of fake Christians and false prophets. Christ turned over that money-changers table.