It’s Not About the Nail: Video about Gender Differences

My agent sent me this funny clip that nicely shows the differences that sometimes exist between males and females.

Wondering if more males or females find this amusing?

It’s Not About the Nail from Jason Headley on Vimeo.

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  • momof3intenn

    I thought it was hysterical; my husband didn’t. It’s just not his kind of humor. I know there are certainly times when I just want to vent and don’t want things solved for me. However, there are also times when friends tell me their problems and I think, “If you’d just remove the nail, everything would be solved.”

  • Karen Medvedik Goodall

    My husband has not seen this either, but I thought it was very funny as well as so typical. It does a great job of depicting what women really want and how men so often cannot resist the “fix-it man” approach. It has been said that men fix problems at work all day; so they expect their wife’s problems to be fixed in the same methodical, logical, mechanical way. We really are so different!