Camille Cosby: “I don’t believe in unconditional love.”

Camille Cosby: “I don’t believe in unconditional love.” July 6, 2015

Now that Bill Cosby has admitted to getting drugs to give to women before seducing them, I was intrigued to read this interview that Oprah Winfrey did with her back in 2000 (italics mine):

Oprah: What is the quality you dislike most in other people?

Camille: Dishonesty. I can’t stand dishonesty. And now, after all these experiences with people, I can smell it coming through the door. I can see it. I’m beginning to look at people’s auras or lack of. My antennas go way up. I’m very selective about who comes into our home now. I don’t like people coming into our home whom I haven’t checked out first.

Oprah: Because?

Camille: Because I only want people who I like in our home. I don’t want people I don’t like in our home. I just don’t like dishonesty. I don’t like a lack of integrity. I think integrity should permeate every aspect of your life. And if you don’t have it, I’m going to feel it, and that’s the end of it.

This, of course, is coming from the woman who defended her husband by questioning the victims.


Later, she said:

Camille: I don’t believe in unconditional love. 

Oprah: I’ve always heard that we should love unconditionally.

Camille: No. That creates the long-suffering female. I think you have the right to not love someone if that person is not lovable.

Oprah: That is so powerful.

Camille: And that concept has to apply to a marriage, a lover, a business associate, a publicist. Even your children have to know that they are not lovable sometimes, that you don’t express love for them if they can’t love you back. I think it applies to everyone in your life.

Oprah: That makes sense. Over the years, women have said to me, “I love him. I love him.” And I say, “Love is not supposed to hurt.”

Camille: Love is supposed to feel good.

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