New Sesame Street Muppet: Dad is In Jail

If this isn’t a sign of the times…  Sesame Street recently unveiled a new initiative called “Little Children, Big Challenges,” that attempts to help kids deal with modern life.  Their most recent muppet addition is a character whose dad is in prison.

Slate wrote, “In the latest move toward that goal, the popular children’s program created an online toolkit, titled “Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration,” for those struggling to raise a child who has an incarcerated parent.”

Watch this heartbreaking clip:

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  • Rozy

    We raised our children without Sesame Street because I couldn’t tolerate the feminist, environmentalist, liberal crap they included. I’ve watched the news reports of new additions to their line-up and am so glad I gave it up in 1989. It’s just gotten worse and worse. While I believe there is a place for helping children with challenges, I still believe that the ideal should be the role model to strive for. Just because everyone can’t reach the ideal doesn’t mean we settle for the mediocre.

  • Ric

    What a helpful and hopeful way of helping hurting kids deal with the unpleasant realities of their lives and something out of their control. They are not alone, and Sesame Street is to be commended for trying to help them handle their feelings and their situation.

  • BWF

    I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that you view everything through a strict ideological lens, or the fact that you think that feminism and environmentalism are bad things (I suppose with the political polarization it’s inevitable that there are people like you who think liberalism is bad, which is predictable.)

  • ctraini

    We have to remember that the viewing audience of S.S is primarily children age 3-8, mostly urban, a large number who are facing this silent sadness firsthand. Up until now I have not seen support for them like this. The message is not, “Is it OK to be in prison?”, but rather, “Is it OK to be a child whose parent is in prison?” and the answer is YES.
    And children like mine, homeschooled, in a nuclear Christian family NEED to know about the sadness their peers can face, when God is not the center of their parent’s lives.
    Remember, most kids watching this show are from single parent homes, and a good deal of them don’t even know their father. Christ would want them to be reached out to, like this.

  • Witty Screenname

    Sesame Street is a place where Kids can learn about life and growing in a safe environment. This kind of takes the magic away from that. Why we’re at it, let’s have teen pregnancy Muppet, or drive bys on Sesame street where Oscar becomes a heroin junkie.

  • LeftismIsBadMmmmKay.

    Liberalism is great! It’s why I’m what you would just call a conservative. It’s Leftism that is awful.

  • BWF

    1. No it isn’t.
    2. Going back to the original post, tell me you find problematic about acknowledging the fact that kids with parents in prison actually exist.