The “Shrub Mullet”

I hadn’t been attentive to my yard in Columbia until I recently realized the bush that was supposed to be nicely covering my air conditioning unit had gotten…  um…  “out of hand.”  I could no longer see out my kitchen window and the UPS man was afraid to deliver packages because he could no longer find the steps.

And so, I started trimming. And trimming.  And then, I got a ladder and trimmed some more.

Eventually, I came to an impasse.  I couldn’t reach the highest branches, and I’d run out of energy.  The only problem was that the bush was short in the front and tall in the back.

That’s when Roland — the best handyman in middle Tennessee — showed up to fix the oven.

“Hey, can you help me with those top branches,” I asked.  “I have a ‘shrub mullet’!”

“Sure,” he said, disappearing to his car.

In a minute, he arrived with a chain saw.

“I’ve always wanted to get rid of that thing,” he said.

Here’s to new beginnings and a handyman who knows when to plunge ahead in spite of my protests.

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About Nancy French

Nancy French is a three time New York Times Best Selling Author.

  • TN Mom

    ROFL @ shrub mullet. Love it!

    • Nancy French

      Yeah, yeah — you didn’t have to look at it!

  • momof3intenn

    Embrace your Tennessee roots and love the mullet! Okay, just kidding. The mullet had to go. I’m having flashbacks from 1991 and my East Tennessee high school.


    any idea what it was???

  • Ellen

    Ask Roland if he’d be willing to re-locate to metro Atlanta, would you? Or even just open a branch?

    • Nancy French

      He is amazing! You can’t have him!

  • Nancy French

    There’s a whole world out there!