Mitt Romney’s Adopted Grandchild Causes Venomous Twitter Reaction

Last week, I wrote about a strange phenomenon we experienced firsthand after adopting our daughter from Ethiopia: Liberals think adoption is great, unless white, Christian, Republicans are the ones doing it. It was odd and sad to have strangers questioning and criticizing our family composition. The same crowd who emphasizes that there are all kinds of families — gay, lesbian, straight, divorced — suddenly got the vapors when they saw my black child on my hip at a GOP convention.

Well, check out the Liberal Twitter reaction to Mitt and Ann Romney’s announcement that their son Ben and his wife Andelyne recently adopted.


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  • kwdayboise

    Here are my impressions reading your article. 1. Generalize much? 2. What makes you think any of the tweets are from liberals and not republicans or centrists who just hate Romney, especially after he lost them the White House? 3. Once you get a Mormon to affirm the apostles creed you can call them Christians. Until then they are a separate entity using the name of Jesus, not unlike Muslims who include Jesus in the Koran.

  • Kimberly

    Wow, the labeling here is shameful but not surprising considering the source. As a liberal kind of gal I find ALL of the tweets shared in this post deplorable. I believe that loving adoption transcends all color, class and stupid political boundaries. Love is love and if you, or the Romneys genuinely love the children adopted and hopefully offered a life of comfort they might not have otherwise know, then praise be to God.

    I also question how these posts are identified definitely as “liberals” and not just ignorant asshats and if any supportive “liberal” posts were found (but left out to shill for clicks and promote a political agenda of your own. You are just as guilty of using these children as a political pawns as the hateful people who have no sense of decency when they send these mindless and willfully ignorant posts that choose partisan politics of hate over compassion.

    I took a chance in reading this post but want to thank you Nancy for reminding me why I can not stand to read a jot or tittle that falls from your divisive, mean-spirited fingers shilling for clicks.

  • Kimberly

    Thinking more…Good Lord, I really find your writing and politics willfully ignorant and intentionally hateful but when I see the post for how you lovingly and patiently care for your daughter’s hair it seems like there is a actually decent parent behind all your other crap. I choose to believe what I see is genuine and not a show to prove something. I have to say that the extreme opposites that I see make me very sad since one side of your coin seems so strategically divisive and mean (for profit maybe?) and the other side of your coin seems to be tender and loving. None of us are flat eh?

    • Nancy French

      For profit! Ha! How much do you make on your Patheos blog? I would love to spend my $25 on coffee for the two of us to talk this out. :)

    • David French

      Kimberly, really there’s just one side of the coin — and it’s all mean!

      • Nancy French

        David, you just have an inaccurate opinion of me, because my niceness comes out during hair styling and you are as bald as a baby’s bottom.

        • David French

          I rest my case.

  • HWiers

    The only thing that the anti-Romney-adoption tweets demonstrate is that each political wing has a mean-spirited, compassion-deficient fringe. But such an understanding requires the ability to make distinctions and articulate nuance — traits that are often missing among the fringe-dwellers.