‘When People Have the Freedom to Choose, They Choose Wrong:’ Watching The Giver

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Mississippi Horror: Doctor Aborts Babies in the Name of Jesus


Russell Moore’s article in The Gospel Coalition, “Aborting in the Name of Jesus,” led me to a recent article in Esquire about the “ministry” of Dr. Willie Parker. Parker flies into the state of Mississippi to perform abortions, because no doctor in the entire state is willing to.  [Read more...]

Ann Coulter: The World’s Worst Theologian

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Ann Coulter branched out into theology this week, in a misguided rant against Dr. Kent Brantly, the Texas doctor who contracted the Ebola virus while serving the poor in Liberia. [Read more...]

The Evil Sentimentality of the Pro-Hamas Left


The Difference Between Intelligence and Wisdom/ Real Nerds Versus Trendy Ones

I thoroughly enjoyed Charles C.W. Cooke’s piece today about liberal nerd-worship. [Read more...]