ISIS: What You Need to Know


Why is Tennessee an “Abortion Supermarket?”

Top Five Ways to Teach Your Child Social and Emotional Skills at Home

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Guest post by Sofia Dickens

For years I’ve been hearing people talk about the importance of emotional intelligence, often referred to as EQ, and how it’s vital to a person’s success in life- their career satisfaction and the health of their relationships. Emotional intelligence and EQ are just is a fancy way of saying social skills, emotional control, and leadership qualities. There must be a reason 70% of Fortune 500 companies are setting aside budgets to train in emotional intelligence, right? [Read more...]

How Should Christians Expect Our Nation to Respond to ISIS? With Wrath and Vengeance

Old Bible With Sword

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How My Daughter Sabotaged a Books-a-Million “Fifty Shades of Grey” Display


My fifteen year old daughter Camille was at Books-a-Million today in Spring Hill, Tennessee — yes, they still let us in — when she saw a display recommending books to read after the soft-pornographic book “After Fifty Shades of Grey.”   [Read more...]