John McCain wipes away tears while Lindsey Graham describes their friendship

There are so few heartwarming in politics these days, I wanted to share this one between John McCain and Lindsey Graham as posted by Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post: [Read more…]

Democratic lawmaker delivers crude sex joke about Kellyanne Conway to a room full of liberals

Over the last ten presidential elections, women have voted for the Democratic Presidential candidate over the Republican one by a pretty significant margin. Democrats, who somehow won the rhetorical war about gender, even somehow managed to portray Gov. Mitt Romney as “anti-woman” because he explained that he searched for female Cabinet members.  His staff assembled “binders full of women” from which he hired people.  That was enough to get Democrats all riled up over Romney’s anti-woman sentiment. [Read more…]

College implements a new ‘oops!’ and ‘ouch’ rule – student suspended for questioning the “call out” culture


This conversation that recently occurred at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina is a perfect example of why parents should not spend their hard-earned money on tuition at these places of “higher education.” [Read more…]

Washington Post calls this Trump/McConnell handshake the ‘most awkward ever’

Oh my gosh, I can’t stop laughing at Chris Cillizza’s hilarious post about the handshake between Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell last night. [Read more…]

15 second Campbell’s soup ad shows what feminism has done to American relationships

Campbell’s new chicken noodle soup commercial depicts the plight of modern relationships, and it’s not pretty.  The ad’s description reads: [Read more…]