John McCain wipes away tears while Lindsey Graham describes their friendship

You can hate McCain or Graham, Republicans or Democrats. But, this is still touching. Read more

Democratic lawmaker delivers crude sex joke about Kellyanne Conway to a room full of liberals

Why I’m sick and tired of liberal preening when it comes to issues of gender and sex. Read more

College implements a new ‘oops!’ and ‘ouch’ rule – student suspended for questioning the “call out” culture

Oops! I’m trying to say this new policy is dumb. Is that permitted? Read more

Washington Post calls this Trump/McConnell handshake the ‘most awkward ever’

‘Mitch McConnell has never, ever shaken hands like this with anyone ever. Not once. Never.’ Read more

15 second Campbell’s soup ad shows what feminism has done to American relationships

“Gee, I wonder why men aren’t excited about getting married these days?” Read more

Walking Dead tee-shirt pulled from stores, because it was… racist?

Have you noticed that just about everything is racist now? Read more

CPAC can emphasize free speech without inviting an alt right champion of pedophilia

My husband David French explains why CPAC should NOT have invited the provocateur to speak in the first place. Read more

Black Yale student who fought to change Calhoun building’s name, finds out he’s a descendant of the slaveholder

He’d spent the past year and a half advocating the removal of his own ancestor’s legacy and didn’t even know it. Read more

Little girl believes numbers go 1, 2, 3, 5 until Mom figures out how to show her the truth about 4

A father tries to teach his little girl how to count to five. Repeatedly, he explains how to count, and repeatedly, she ignores his advice. Read more

The most joyful gospel singing happened this week on the GRAMMYs by Chance the Rapper

Watch this amazing combination of gospel, rap, and pure adrenaline. Read more

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