Trump speaks at Women’s Empowerment conference, manages to insult men and women


Screenshot from embedded CNN clip

When Donald Trump was elected President, many women were upset at the message his election was sending to the women in this nation – especially after an “Access Hollywood” tape emerged that revealed that Trump bragged about grabbing women by the genitals. Well, he was elected, of course, and that means that he’s actually doing things like speaking at Women Empowerment conferences. Yes, take a moment to let that sink in. [Read more…]

David French on Morning Joe: Nunes Has Eroded Public Trust in Russia Investigation

David French, Staff Writer for the National Review, was back in the studio on MSNBC Morning Joe discussing the pressure against Devin Nunes to resign as Intel Chair. [Read more…]

12 Minute Video: What Yale Has Become


In 2015, a video of a shrieking girl on Yale’s campus went viral, because Americans were stunned at the reason she was screaming. It all started when Yale’s Intercultural Affairs Committee sent an email explaining the kinds of Halloween costumes that were and weren’t appropriate for Yale. However, one professor thought the Halloween costume guidelines were unnecessary.  [Read more…]

Professor shows students a trigonometry video, but something goes very very wrong

This professor, Matthew Weathers, put some serious time into this April Fool’s joke on his math class.  Behold. [Read more…]

VIDEO: Ben Sasse causes Gorsuch to break into laughter by reading hilarious text from his wife

Well, Sen. Ben Sasse brought some much needed laughter into the Supreme Court hearing yesterday by Justice Neil Gorsuch a question about his bladder.  During the tense, 11 hour ordeal, Sasse had gotten a private text from his wife…  which he choise to read aloud on national television. [Read more…]