‘Macho Christianity’ Isn’t the Problem, Gimmick Christianity Is

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 8.59.28 AM Over at The New Republic, Elizabeth Bruenig has penned a lengthy report on the “failure of macho Christianity,” focusing on the rise and fall of two “macho” Christian pastors: Mark Driscoll and the lesser-known Heath Mooneyham. [Read more...]

Patricia Arquette, It’s Time to Admit: It’s a Great Time to Be a Girl

When Patricia Arquette won an Oscar for Boyhood, she added a  “women need equal pay” speech at the end of her acceptance speech.   [Read more...]

Question for the New York Times: If Gays Are Offended, Do Christians Have Rights?


Business meeting

Last month I wrote a short post responding to a New York Times editorial.  The NYT piece applauded the mayor of Atlanta for firing a Christian fire chief because he self-published a Christian book that contained a few comments endorsing traditional Christian views on sexual morality and handed out a few copies to colleagues and co-workers who’d expressed interest. [Read more...]

How Political Correctness Improved My Life

Harvard Campus in Fall
The Left’s weapon of choice may be dividing the country, but it’s not winning converts.

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Hugh Grant’s “The Re-Write” Delves into Love, Failure, and Family


Don’t call Hugh Grant’s new movie a “rom com.” [Read more...]