Clever and Unique Window Washing Ad Causes Boston Customers to Take Notice


Sometimes, entrepreneurs impress with their ingenious ways to attract business. [Read more...]

5 Words That Show the Corruption, Deception, and Futility of American Politics

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There are moments in politics that simply cause you to stop in utter confusion. [Read more...]

Kid’s Book about Abortion: My “Sister Is a Happy Ghost!”

Kid reading book, light in darkness

How do you tell your kid that you had an abortion before he was born? [Read more...]

The Vengeful and Malicious P.C. Police


We are at the cusp of a rare moment in modern American cultural debate — a moment when reasonable, thoughtful members of the Left and Right agree. Political correctness is spiraling out of control. Last week I shared an essay by a former radical describing her own migration out of the movement, but her essay is hardly the only evidence of the Left breaking with the worst of the P.C. police. The floodgates have opened. The SDS’s own Todd Gitlin has attacked “trigger warnings,” calling them “outgrowths of fragility.” Writing at The Nation, Michelle Goldberg condemns the furious on-campus response to Laura Kipnis, a liberal professor who dared challenge what she called “sexual paranoia” on campus. [Read more...]

“Little Boy” – a Film about “Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed” (and Family and Courage and War)

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I’ll never forget.  The kids and I wanted to do something to get our minds off their dad’s deployment to Iraq, so we went to the movies. [Read more...]