Sasse: Anyone concerned about the consolidation of executive branch’s power should support Judge Gorsuch

Sen. Ben Sasse, of Nevada, gave a great interview about President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Colorado federal Appeals Court Judge Neil Gorsuch.  In it, he addresses the way that Democrats and Republicans treat each other like they’re involved in a Middle Eastern blood feud, about how all Americans should support Gorsuch, and then he moves seamlessly to Beyonce’s pregnancy.  Yep.  He did. [Read more…]

Liberals love immigrants, right? Watch how Chelsea Handler treats the first immigrant First Lady


What happens if someone makes fun of an immigrant’s accent and questions their intelligence? And what if that immigrant is very well known and recently took a special position in the United States? Nothing if you’re Chelsea Handler. [Read more…]

Black ESPN host criticizes Anti-Trump LAX protests, gets roasted on social media for not toeing the line

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, Donald Trump’s executive order related to travel and Muslim countries has set off a firestorm of debate… and hysteria.  At Los Angeles International Airport, thousands of protestors met there to block traffic, doorways, and generally make sure that no one got where they needed to go that day. [Read more…]

David French on CNN: Trump unnecessarily shocked the political system, but it’s a reasonable, 90 day policy change


Donald Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban,” is really just a moderate moratorium implemented poorly, according to David French’s mega-viral article on National Review. [Read more…]

VIDEO: Bill Clinton gets standing ovation for wanting to deport illegal immigrants and build stronger border defenses

Instapundit posted a video of Bill Clinton is truly surprising to see. With all of the hysteria over Donald Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban,” which is really just a moderate moratorium implemented poorly, it’s easy to forget how our nation has traditionally dealt with such issues. [Read more…]