David French on CNN: What Trump’s transition team says about his possible administration

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On CNN, David French discusses President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team in regards to experience, nepotism, and conflicts of interest. [Read more…]

NBA announcer Ernie Johnson just gave a poignant, honest take on the election

You might be only used to Ernie Johnson talking to you about basketball. [Read more…]

When ESPN Anchor finds out Kaepernick didn’t even vote, he goes on this epic rant

IJR reports that ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith was not impressed by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision not to vote in this election: [Read more…]

Christmas Book Buying Guide: Top 5 Favorite Books I Read in 2016

At the end of 2014, my daughter Camille asked me about my reading life.  She was stunned to discover that I tended to write more books than I actually read.  My reasoning was simple – if I was sitting down, I needed to be writing. When I decided to use audiobooks, my world opened up.  Suddenly, dog walking and car trips could transport me anywhere.  Last year, I published my “Top Ten Books of 2015.”  This year, I’ve got five… but they are doozies. [Read more…]

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Six Things for Christians to Remember This Election

Editor’s Note: this sermon (listen to it on the last page) is helpful to listen to even though the election is over.  It includes some great lessons that can help us heal as a nation.

Guest Post by Rev. James Forsyth, pastor of MacLean Presbyterian Church

It’s been easy to be cynical this election cycle. Too easy. In fact, it’s been hard not to be! But now that the election is here, we want to do better – better than cynicism. [Read more…]

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