Some Sex Researchers Believe Young Kids Should NOT ‘Transition’

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I’ve scarcely written a headline that screams “common sense” than this one, but apparently the culture is just far enough gone that we need to have this discussion.

Progressive parents are unlikely to listen to me, but they may listen to a leading neuroscientist and “sex researcher” who says they should probably wait to help their child “transition” to a different gender.  [Read more...]

In Condemning Arms Makers, Pope Francis Sends the Wrong Message at the Wrong Time

Pope Francis 600
David French and the message from Pope Francis on National Review:

The Church could use the steely resolve of Pope Pius V.
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Middle Schoolers Asked to Recite the Islamic Conversion Prayer in Public School

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My home county has been in the news all week, thanks to a “5 Pillars of Islam” assignment given at the local middle school.  Although parents are not upset that their children are learning about Islam, they are upset that the assignment had the children write and recite the shahada, the Islamic declaration that there is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet. [Read more...]

South Park Episode Shows Donald Trump being Raped and Murdered

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If any of you were wondering how South Park would handle Donald Trump now that he’s a Presidential candidates, now ya know: [Read more...]

American Soldiers Told to Ignore Rape of Young Boys in Afghanistan

A shocking new expose was published in The New York Times this week revealing that American soldiers in Afghanistan have been directed to ignore the widespread rape of young boys that they witness while serving. [Read more...]