Cleaner says she won’t work on ‘Day without an Immigrant’ but she didn’t expect the homeowner’s response

Embed from Getty Images A woman has been using the same talented housecleaner for five years.  That’s why she was surprised to get a text, which said she was going to skip her regular house cleaning this week due to “Day without an Immigrant.” (more…)

David French: the one thing we’re about to lose that might cost us our nation

Embed from Getty Images My husband David French spoke at Brentwood Hills Church of Christ‘s Men’s Prayer Breakfast recently on the subject of religious liberty in the age of Donald Trump…  and his compelling speech made sense of the current political situation. (more…)

Oscar nominated “Lion” demolishes anti-adoption hysteria with one emotional, perfect scene

  Since adopting a beautiful little girl from Ethiopia five years ago, some rather striking cultural shifts regarding international adoption have occurred. (more…)

First black senator from SC reads hate mail on the Senate floor — and only those that didn’t use the N-Word

Embed from Getty Images If you are a black Republican, you better watch out. (more…)

Tennessee yarn store owner who refused to sell Women’s March yarn gets accolades

Embed from Getty Images Most Americans did not identify with the so-called Women’s March in Washington, DC, which chose to symbolize it’s crusade with “pussy hats.”  Knitting groups sprang up all over America to teach feminists how to create these pink caps, because nothing says “feminism” more powerfully than knitting circles.  Oh, and actually dressing up as genitalia. (more…)

David French discusses Trump’s Travel-Ban at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government

My husband David French wrote the definitive piece on Donald Trump’s travel ban, which appeared on National Review. (more…)

Lena Dunham says she is skinnier because of Donald Trump

Embed from Getty Images Is there anything Donald Trump can’t do? (more…)

Bill Maher demolishes political correctness, tells libs to quit being so offended at things that don’t matter

Embed from Getty Images I’m not a big Bill Mahar fan, but his recent diatribe about political correctness is brilliant. Here are three statements from the below video that need to be heard by liberals all over America: (more…)

Sasse: Anyone concerned about the consolidation of executive branch’s power should support Judge Gorsuch

Embed from Getty Images Sen. Ben Sasse, of Nevada, gave a great interview about President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Colorado federal Appeals Court Judge Neil Gorsuch.  In it, he addresses the way that Democrats and Republicans treat each other like they’re involved in a Middle Eastern blood feud, about how all Americans should support Gorsuch, and then he moves seamlessly to Beyonce’s pregnancy.  Yep.  He did. (more…)

Liberals love immigrants, right? Watch how Chelsea Handler treats the first immigrant First Lady

What happens if someone makes fun of an immigrant’s accent and questions their intelligence? And what if that immigrant is very well known and recently took a special position in the United States? Nothing if you’re Chelsea Handler. (more…)