With Its Soaring Rhetoric, the Supreme Court Elevates Sexual Liberty over All

Supreme Court of the United States

My resident Constitutional expert, David French, on the gay marriage ruling: [Read more...]

Watch the Full Sermon from the AME Charleston Church Since the Tragedy

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NRO’s Rich Lowry had a great reflection on the history of the black church: [Read more...]

VIDEO: Senator Tim Scott tears up talking about victim’s son

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Touching, powerful words from Sen. Scott, one of our nation’s best. [Read more...]

Here’s What Tattoo Artists Can Teach Republican Governors

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David French talks about lessons learned from a tattoo artist on National Review:

This is, unquestionably, my favorite story of the week. Thanks to Glenn Reynolds, I ran across one of the more absurd P.C. meltdowns I’ve ever seen (and that’s saying a lot). [Read more...]

Forgiving Their Attacker, His Christian Victims Heaped Burning Coals on His Head


My husband David French talks about forgiveness in his latest National Review article:

Terrorism is a tactic because it so often works. Jihadists know this all too well. They’ve been violent enough, long enough, that the mere threat of bloodshed can lead to self-censorship and intimidation. [Read more...]