Stephen Colbert brutally mocks Rachel Maddow’s odd MSNBC Trump tax show

For those of you who saw the ludicrous Rachel Maddow “reveal” on MSNBC earlier this week, you’ll appreciate Stephen Colbert’s brutal interpretation of it: [Read more…]

McDonald’s just tweeted out an Anti-Trump/Pro-Obama message… but why?

This morning a very strange message was tweeted out from America’s fast food favorite.  According to PJ Media: [Read more…]

Top 10 tweets demolishing Rachel Maddow’s overhyped 2005 Trump tax return show

Notoriously, Donald Trump refused to release his tax returns in spite of the incredible public pressure to do so.
[Read more…]

Great SNL skit shows scientists discovering a beloved pet is a – gasp! – Trump supporter

On Saturday Night Live, they had a skit concerning three scientists (Scarlett Johansson, Kyle Mooney, Mikey Day) create an invention that translates what pets are thinking. [Read more…]

John McCain wipes away tears while Lindsey Graham describes their friendship

There are so few heartwarming in politics these days, I wanted to share this one between John McCain and Lindsey Graham as posted by Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post: [Read more…]