Ann Coulter: The World’s Worst Theologian

Author Ann Coulter speaks during an addr

Ann Coulter branched out into theology this week, in a misguided rant against Dr. Kent Brantly, the Texas doctor who contracted the Ebola virus while serving the poor in Liberia. [Read more...]

The Evil Sentimentality of the Pro-Hamas Left


The Difference Between Intelligence and Wisdom/ Real Nerds Versus Trendy Ones

I thoroughly enjoyed Charles C.W. Cooke’s piece today about liberal nerd-worship. [Read more...]

Married to Your Soul Mate? You Might Be in Trouble

Nazarene: A “Mark of Shame” Becomes a “Mark of Hope”


Earlier this summer Mosul, Iraq – a city American soldiers liberated at great cost in blood and treasure – fell to the radical jihadists of ISIS, terrorists so extreme that even al Qaeda disaffiliated itself from their barbarism. And when Mosul fell, the jihadists did what jihadists do: implemented Shariah law and began ruthlessly persecuting Christians. [Read more...]