5 reasons why I decided to take my gun carry permit class… and carry this time for real


In 7th grade, my school replaced all science classes for an entire semester with Hunter’s Safety.   [Read more…]

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Headline proof: CNN believes black people = felons

Only self-absorbed liberals don’t see that this is as problematic:

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 12.55.35 PM

H/T Instapundit

2008 VIDEO RESURFACES: Will the media use Barack Obama’s own words against him?

President Barack Obama finally announced his plans to visit Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday after floods killed at least 13 people and forced thousands from their homes and businesses. [Read more…]

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7 famous political figures you didn’t know were adopted

Even though they have been in the limelight for decades, centuries, and even millennia, it’s always interesting to find out a little-known fact about historical figures. We all know their political achievements and some we are aware of more than we probably want to (see #1), but there’s always some interesting fact that slipped through our history lessons. [Read more…]

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Hillary Clinton’s brutal ad against Donald Trump, using footage from a Letterman appearance