Black ESPN host criticizes Anti-Trump LAX protests, gets roasted on social media for not toeing the line

Nothing says ‘we want people to be able to travel without restriction’ than making it impossible for people to catch their planes. Read more

David French on CNN: Trump unnecessarily shocked the political system, but it’s a reasonable, 90 day policy change

This afternoon, David appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper to discuss his piece and to explain why Donald Trump’s plan made (and didn’t make) sense. Read more

VIDEO: Bill Clinton gets standing ovation for wanting to deport illegal immigrants and build stronger border defenses

This shows you exactly how radical former President Obama’s refugee plan precisely was. Read more

David French on NPR: Trump’s executive order roll out was flawed but it’s actually moderate – the reaction is overblown

David’s article on National Review called Trump’s Executive Order on Refugees — Separating Fact from Hysteria” has gone super viral, and he’ll be doing some press on it over the next couple of days. Read more

A white Trump voter leaves a black waitress a $450 tip, an uplifting note, and a changed perspective

Three white Texan Trump supporters walk into a social justice restaurant. Then, this happens. Read more

Anti-Trump protestors block road until police show up and take care of business

Well, that was over quickly. Read more

‘Bad-Lip-Reading’ of Trump, Obama and the Inauguration: what they were really thinking

Our political leaders showed up in fine clothes, with smiles plastered on their faces, and impeccable manners. But THIS is funny. Read more

Working toward kindness, one day at a time – this time with a strategy that works

This is deceptively simple, but it works. Join me? Read more

Watch the Media embarrass itself during Obama’s last press conference

Well, this was eye-opening. Read more

After the so-called “Women’s March” banned pro-life women, conservatives unfurled this banner anyway

This took a lot of guts, and they streamed it live on Facebook. Read more

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