When Thugs and Liars Lose

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Striking Passage in “Gone Girl” that Depicts Modern Life and Inauthenticity


Lately, I’ve been noticing some amazing descriptions of spirituality and modern life in pop culture.  (My most recent was Aaron Paul’s character as Jessie Pinkman in his presentation of exactly half of the gospel on Breaking Bad.) [Read more...]

Is the Abortion Industry about to Lose its Southern Stronghold?

Vote Yes on 1

The Embarassing, Sophomoric Malice of Obama-Administration Foreign Policy

Aaron Paul on NPR: How My Baptist Preacher Father Responded to my Crystal Meth-Dealing Breaking Bad Character


If you didn’t watch AMC’s “Breaking Bad” when it aired, you have a lot of fun in your future.  (Seriously.  Why are you at work, when you could be starting this series?) [Read more...]