Missouri’s Lesson: the Campus Wars Are about Power, Not Justice

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What is going on at the University of Missouri?  Their president, Tom Wolfe resigned after protest erupted because he didn’t respond decisively enough to various racist incidents on campus.  (In a dramatic flourish, the school’s football team even went on a hunger strike.) [Read more...]

Sorry, Media, Your “High-Tech Lynching” Won’t Destroy Ben Carson in

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you might have seen nothing about Hillary’s lies regarding the IRS, her e-mail, or Benghazi, but you may have seen dozens of headlines about Ben Carson’s dubious acts.  David French writes: [Read more...]

Leftist Website Compares Ben Carson to Saddam Hussein Because He Has a Painting of Himself and Jesus

Saddam Hussein

You might want to sit down for this. Since at least 2009, Ben Carson has had a painting of him and Jesus hanging in his house.  The New York Post has the scoop: [Read more...]

Hamilton on Broadway: American History Told by Modern Americans

Hamilton Richard Rodgers Theatre

She was humming a show tune.

“I’ve never been to New York,” my daughter’s friend Emily said, when I asked her if she’d seen the show.

“I just know all of the music, but I haven’t seen the actual shows.” [Read more...]

So God Made a Patriot: Remembering Senator Fred Thompson

One of my favorite Super Bowl commercials of all-time is Ram Trucks’ 2013 commercial, “So God Made a Farmer.”  Tennessee’s former Senator Fred Thompson, who passed away last week, made a video about patriotism based on that commercial that I wanted to share in his memory:

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