Ha! Retail giant Target slashes earnings estimates, citing “challenging environment”

Target is learning the hard way that if you alienate a majority of your customers, they’ll find somewhere else to shop. [Read more…]

Town orders firemen remove American flags from trucks – see how they complied with the ridiculous demand

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When I lived in Philadelphia, my daughter went to the ironically named Independence Charter — a school located right next to the Liberty Bell and the Pennsylvania State House.  I was a little surprised when some of the parents (most of them, actually)  protested against an American flag being hung in the lobby. [Read more…]

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6 most ridiculous anti-Semitic moments at the 2016 Olympics so far

Anti-Semitism reared it’s ugly head during the 2016 Rio Olympics on more than one occasion. In each instance, an athlete from a Muslim nation recoiled from their Jewish opponents, an ugly reminder that hatred against Israel still exists. Below are six times Jew-hatred scarred the Olympic Games…. and you won’t believe #6. [Read more…]

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Sheriff David Clarke: Milwaukee had the ‘ingredients’ for a riot

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Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has had his hands filled with all the violence in his city. [Read more…]

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White Reporter Pulls Out of Milwaukee Because of Racial Threats

Over the weekend, two Milwaukee police officers stopped two people in a car because the vehicle was behaving suspiciously. During the stop, they people in the car ran away from the police. During the ensuing chase, twenty-three year-old Sylville Smith, armed with a handgun, was killed by police.  He had an extensive criminal record.

Chaos ensued after the death… with looting, fire, and destruction of property occurred.

Reporters who flooded the city to publicize the destruction were met with horrible racial threats.  One reporter saw an 18 year old white male shot in the neck.  That’s when he decided to leave.

Watch his first hand account explaining his decision to pull out of Milwaukee by clicking continue:

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