5 things parents need to know about “Finstagrams”

When it comes to the internet, it takes guts to worry more about our kids’ hearts now than about their future reputations. Read more

VIDEO: Saturday Night Live Skewers Isolated, Demoralized Liberals

This new community is for “like-minded free thinkers….and no one else” full of hybrid cars, used bookstores and “small farms with the rawest milk you’ve ever tasted.” Read more

VIDEO: Mike Pence goes to Hamilton, gets booed by crowd and lectured by cast

Well, the well-known pattern of Hamilton fans booing people with whom they disagree continued this week when Vice President-elect Mike Pence experienced a very chilly reception. Read more

Kanye West gives hour pro-Trump speech at his concert; people throw shoes, boo

He’s said a lot of things, but this might be his most controversial? Read more

Portland anti-Trump rioters attack pregnant woman with a baseball bat

Heaven help us. Read more

Student hails an Uber and realizes his driver is U.S. senator Ben Sasse

He knew this would be no ordinary ride. Read more

David French on CNN: What Trump’s transition team says about his possible administration

On CNN, David French discusses President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team in regards to experience, nepotism, and conflicts of interest. Read more

NBA announcer Ernie Johnson just gave a poignant, honest take on the election

This is powerful. Read more

When ESPN Anchor finds out Kaepernick didn’t even vote, he goes on this epic rant

“As far as I am concerned, Colin Kaepernick is absolutely irrelevant,. I don’t want to see him again; I don’t want to hear from him again; I don’t wanna hear a damn word about anything he say to say about our nation.” Read more

Christmas Book Buying Guide: Top 5 Favorite Books I Read in 2016

I’ve read several books this year, but here are the absolute best. Read more

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