George H.W. Bush is hospitalized, but his letter to Trump goes public

Wednesday, George H.W. Bush experienced shortness of breath and was put in the hospital, in the intensive care unit. His wife, former First Lady Barbara Bush, was hospitalized as well, due to fatigue and coughing.

However, during this time of sickness, he was thinking of Donald Trump.  His letter to the President-elect, which sent his apologies for not attending the inauguration, was sent to several media outlets: [Read more…]

Man lassoes runaway calf while sitting on a police car, going down the highway

In Tennessee, it’s common to see livestock that’s gotten out of their pastures.  Well, in Henry County (my hometown), a calf got out on the highway, threatening the safety of motorists.

How do catch a cow that’s running down the highway?  You call a roper!

Today, my old friends David Bevill and Monte Belew pulled off the most innovative catch you’ve ever seen.  If you ever have doubts about how awesome America is, watch this video.

Why the “boy dying in Santa’s arms” story is important, whether or not it’s true

Santa Claus actor, Eric Schmitt-Matze

Santa Claus actor, Eric Schmitt-Matze

You’ve heard the horribly sad story: a Knoxville, Tennessee hospital called a man who played Santa Claus and told him to hurry to the room of a dying five year old little boy .   [Read more…]

Guy wearing “build a wall” shirt mocked and harassed in community center at his apartment complex


A Californian went to the “community area” of his apartment complex to use the free wi-fi there, when two other residents show up and — shall we say — take umbrage at his shirt. [Read more…]

5 reasons you can’t build your marriage on “God avoidance”

Ray Ortund, in his book “Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel,” paints a beautiful image of marriage through the lens of Scripture, describing it as a remnant of the Garden of Eden. “The most remarkable thing about marriage today is not that it can be troubled but that we still have this privilege at all,” he writes.  “When God justly expelled us from the Garden of Eden, he did not take this gift back. He let us keep this priceless gift, though we sometimes misuse it.” [Read more…]