Can a Christian Smoke Pot? Exploring the Morality of Legal Drug Use

It had to happen sooner or later, and I’m not sure if 15 years old counts as “sooner” or “later” these days. [Read more...]

Our Arrogant, Ignorant “Elite”

Over on the Campaign Spot Jim Geraghty highlights an issue that’s bothered me ever since I first began to meet our “elite” up-close and personal 23 years ago this fall. [Read more...]

New York Falling; Mississippi Rising

Virtue in one generation does not necessarily lead to virtue in the next, and while history is powerful, it does not dictate our destiny. [Read more...]

How To Raise Christian Kids

From “Veggie Tales” creator Phil Vischer, reflecting on his years as a pioneer in family-friendly, Christian entertainment: [Read more...]

Pediatrician: If You Don’t Vaccinate Your Kids, I Won’t Treat Them

NRO’s Colette Moran had an interesting and — no doubt — controversial letter from a pediatrician, explaining why he doesn’t accept children of parents who refuse vaccines: [Read more...]