Your family will remain long after you’ve forgotten the name of President Obama’s press secretary. Read more

Social justice warriors are always angry, even when they’re winning. Read more

This video has been seen 24 million times… probably because of the reactions of the other Adele impersonators when they realize that the person they’re really listening to is the real deal. Read more

The Prime Minister David Cameron said he thinks this ban is “ridiculous.” Read more

Shonda Rhimes and the cast of Scandal have made one thing crystal clear – they stand with Planned Parenthood instead of the millions of babies they’ve murdered. Read more

This edition of “colleges gone mad” is brought to you from Dartmouth. Read more

Do you feel like the lunatics are running the asylums of higher education these days? Read more

White liberals making fun of white parents with black children, Kentucky edition. Read more

If we apply the WWJD to our strategy for dealing with Syrian refugees, does that mean we welcome them with open arms? Read more

Once again, the President shows what he cares about: getting digs in at his perceived political opponents, at a time when nonpartisan cooperation against our real enemies is needed. Read more

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