The Cosby Show Intro, Knowing What We Know Now

I hate that I showed this series to my kids…. Read more

Video: Turkey Fans Boo Moment of Silence for Paris Attacks, Chant “Allahu Akbar”

Behold the religion of peace. Read more

Philadelphia Restaurant Uses “Domestic Violence” Joke to Sell Beer

Nothing like domestic violence to sell beer… Read more

VIDEO: Bill Hemmer Seethes After President Obama’s Calls Paris Attacks a “Setback”

Love seeing this reporter get angry. Read more

Bloomingdale’s Publishes Ad that Seems to Promote Date Rape, Apologizes

This ad doesn’t say “Christmas” to me! Read more

Have a Feminist on Your Christmas List? Here’s the Perfect Gift!

Really, when you think about it, nothing says feminism better than this. Read more

That Time the Left Compared ISIS to American College Students

When the Left talks like this, they reveal just how unserious they truly are. Read more

11 Books Middle School Students Must Read

It’s hard to get kids to read books. But these books will get any middle school aged kid turning pages! Read more

#BlackLivesMatter and Mizzou Activists Complain ISIS Stole Their Spotlight

Breitbart has a scathing report on how the #BlackLivesMatter crowd and the Missouri activists responded to the horrific events in France. Read more

It’s Time to Give Jihadists the Apocalypse They Want

Francois Hollande is pledging to wage “pitiless” war. Good. Read more

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