Intruder stupidly breaks into home with a “We don’t call 911” sign over door

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Ryan Gosling Saves Little Dog From Highway


Recently, Hollywood star Ryan Gosling was driving with his girlfriend to grab a bite to eat when a small white dog darted in front of his car.

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What happens when the Easter Bunny and Shaquille O’Neal both show up at the White House?

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The Easter bunny sitting beneath a portrait of Alexander Hamilton.

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The Easter bunny in the Red Room.

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The Easter Bunny meets legendary basketball player Shaquille O’Neal.

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The two guests compare the size of their feet!

Bill Maher slams Emory Students freaked out by ‘Trump 2016’ chalking

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Even if you don’t like Bill Mahar or Donald Trump, it’s easy to see why people in this nation are sick and tired of political correctness run amok.  On college campuses across America, “chalkings” on the ground advertise parties, events, and social causes.  Well, someone at Emory University chalked “Trump 2016,” and everyone went nuts.

Here’s the student government’s statement on the chalking:

“[To a] significant portion of our student population, the messages represent particularly bigoted opinions, policies, and rhetoric directed at populations represented at Emory University […] we would like to express our […] sympathy for the pain experienced by members of our community.

It is clear to us that these statements are triggering for many of you. As a result, both College Council and the Student Government Association pledge to stand in solidarity with those communities who feel threatened by this incident.

To that end, Emergency Funds within the College Council monetary policy were created to provide time-sensitive funds during circumstances involving discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion…”

Bill Mahar said, ““I so badly want to dropkick these kids into a place where there is actual pain and suffering. What happened in this country?!”

He also went on to say that everything takes backseat to the students’ feelings, that they don’t care about free speech or even democracy.

As Americans struggle to figure out how they feel about the 2016 race, one thing is for sure.  The fact that Donald Trump makes liberals break out into hives is at least one good side effect.

Watch Mahar’s clip here.

Embarrassed Emory alum wrote this to the President of the university:

We are writing not to highlight the absurdity of those who believe they are physically harmed by encountering political speech with which they disagree, as this is, or should be, clear to any observer. Instead, we are writing to express our disappointment with the recent actions of the Emory administration. For the first time, we are embarrassed to call ourselves Emory graduates. . . .

No longer does Emory University serve as a beacon of intellectual diversity attracting some of the best and brightest young adults from across the world, much as it attracted us. Instead, Emory has become just another school in the well-documented pattern of universities that have surrendered to the demands of a vocal few that emotional comfort, ideological conformity and yes, “safe environments” trump fundamental notions of free speech. Critical thinking and exposure to other opinions are unwanted. But this does not have to be how the story ends. It is vitally important that we respond to this trend by reaffirming our foundational notions of freedom. Unfortunately, President Wagner and Emory University have thus far failed to rise to the challenge.

We call for President Wagner and the full administrative body of Emory University to publicly acknowledge the intrinsic value of free speech and the right of all to engage in spirited political debate. By letting a small cadre of overly sensitive students affect a heckler’s veto on a universal right, President Wagner and Emory University have contributed to the erosion of fundamental freedom in this country. It is incumbent on all to fight to protect free speech, especially speech that might be unpopular or viewed by some as “dangerous”. And fight we will.

Americans, we have to be made of tougher stuff!