VIDEO: 11 year old Alabama boy shoots intruder, mocks him for ‘crying like a baby’

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Well, I don’t suppose this home invader expected to be felled by an eleven year old boy, but that’s exactly what happened: [Read more…]

VIDEO: Jesse Watters Asks Socialism Supporters What Free Stuff They Want, Makes Them Look Ridiculous

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Jessie Watters went to Central Park to talk to people walking around about socialism. Apparently, people LOVE free stuff and aren’t ashamed to say so.  But their suggestions on how to pay for it really take the cake. [Read more…]

Student can’t pay for date’s prom meal but another customer secretly did THIS to save the night

Banquet Setting

Everyone’s had that moment — when you hand over your credit card and realize you don’t have enough money to pay for the transaction.  If you’re lucky, it hasn’t happened in a significant moment, with an audience of your friends watching. [Read more…]

Man tries to trick Ted Cruz into autographing a copy of The Communist Manifesto – Here’s what he did

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You don’t have to be a Ted Cruz fan to appreciate this.  A young man tried to trick Ted Cruz into signing a copy of The Communist Manifesto. Instead of being mad or refusing to do it, he signed the book with “Millions of people have suffered because of this.”  He then thanked the man for coming out. [Read more…]

“I’m Just a Bill… or am I Jill?” (Transgender Schoolhouse Rock Parody!)

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This spin on the old School House Rock “I’m Just a Bill” video is a hilarious spoof of political correctness gone mad. [Read more…]