This is the Type of School Photo that SHOULD go Viral: Player Prays for Team Mate

Kids don’t HAVE to be led in prayer after all. Read more

VIDEO: Potty Mouthed Kids Trash Trump – “This is OUR Country”

What do you think about this? Watch for yourself. But if you’re near little kids, you might want to turn down your speakers. Read more

Hillary Clinton: Former Presidents Do Not Have to Disclose Criminal Records to Employers

“Former presidents deserve a fair shake on the job front, just like the rest of us.” Read more

Feds: Schools Must Allow Mentally Disturbed Boy Access to Girls’ Locker Room

Would you want your daughter taking a shower at school with a boy? Read more

Why Are Police Officers In Public Schools? Because of Lousy Parents

So how did we go from the days where parents sorted out these types of conflicts to today where policemen are forced to do so? Read more

Military Families Trick or Treat at the White House: What Candy did the President Give Them?

Four thousand people trick or treated at the White House this year. What did the President give them? Read more

2015’s Most Insensitive Halloween Costume? “Pill Cosby”

First, we had Lena Dunham dressing up like a Planned Parenthood abortionist. (more…) Read more

Your Kids (and You!) Might Need this Book: The Biggest Story – How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden

C.S. Lewis said, “Human history is the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.” Read more

Check out this Obituary: “In Lieu of Flowers, Please Don’t Vote for Hillary Clinton”

Check out this amazing obituary of a New Jersey woman who apparently did not like Hillary Clinton! Read more

Experts Fear Riots: Hollywood Star Mocks Koran by Reading it in a Porn Voice

Experts fear that the following could occur: Riots in the street, beheadings, embassy stormings. Read more

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