Recipe: Paleo Chocolate Coffee Cake

On my quest to find viable Paleo desserts, I hit the jackpot tonight with this recipe, originally titled “Mexican Chocolate Coffee Cake.” [Read more...]

Les Misérables, Hugh Jackman, and the Blessing of Adoption

My wife and I finally saw Les Misérables and — like most viewers — were profoundly moved. One moment stood out more than the others (caution: minor spoiler follows). [Read more...]

Let Santa Smoke: Why Sanitizing Your Kids’ Books is Not the Answer

Katrina Trinko writes in USA Today:

This year, Santa’s on the naughty list. [Read more...]

If Noah Had a Blog

Happy New Year!  If you are like me, you are trying — once again — to read the Bible every day with the clean slate the new year provides. [Read more...]

God is Not “Santa in the Sky”

I just came across this poem, which attempts to describe the difference between Santa and God.  Enjoy! [Read more...]