Philadelphia Restaurant Uses “Domestic Violence” Joke to Sell Beer

A pedestrian saw this highly questionable sign in the widow of Smith’s Restaurant and Bar and snapped a photo: [Read more…]

VIDEO: Bill Hemmer Seethes After President Obama’s Calls Paris Attacks a “Setback”

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Mere days after the ISIS terrorists attack on Paris which resulted in at least 129 deaths and 352 wounded, President Obama spoke out about ISIS at the G20 summit in Turkey.

And what did he say? President Obama called the Paris terror attacks a “setback.” He doubled down on his failed foreign policy that has empowered ISIS to carry out attacks like the ones they have carried out in the past several weeks, culminating in the deadly attacks in Paris. He said his strategy is working and he simply needs to intensify it.

But he sounded tone-deaf to what the rest of the world is feeling. He sounded ignorant of what American leadership needs to be here. Members of the mainstream press – even CNN and MSNBC – seemed confused as to how President Obama could come across so poorly. Some journalists on Twitter pondered whether he could simply be jet-lagged. But the President seemed most indignant and upset not at the attacks, but at the reporters who continued to ask him if he was doing whatever it takes to keep our homeland safe.

But no reporter better communicated how poorly President Obama did than Bill Hemmer from Fox News. [Read more…]

Bloomingdale’s Publishes Ad that Seems to Promote Date Rape, Apologizes


“It’s beginning to look a lot like date rape,” Jeff Carmack tweeted after seeing a dubious Bloomingdale’s ad. [Read more…]

Have a Feminist on Your Christmas List? Here’s the Perfect Gift!

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“Viva la Vulva” Embroidered Wall Hanging $31.07, Etsy

I never cease to be amazed by how crass feminists are.

They don’t talk of “equal pay” or “equal rights,” without — to paraphrase the words of Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life — leaping straight for the genitalia like a bull at a gate.

I learned this when I believed momentarily I was a feminist, before my women’s studies classes at New York University showed me the true essence of the movement.

I was reminded of it when I saw this “gift buying guide for feminists” in Ms. Magazine.

Check out the above gift for the feminist in YOUR life. A cross-stitched vulva.

Really, when you think about it, nothing sums up feminism better than this gift.

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That Time the Left Compared ISIS to American College Students

Last week, the Left took their outrage machine to a whole new level.  Refusing to engage in any form of nuance or intelligent thinking, Ms. Magazine tweeted something that shows just how far they are willing to push their agenda. [Read more…]