How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Lessons of Diplomacy

The necessity of war is not a topic most kids’ movies tackle.  However, How to Train Your Dragon 2 dives into it headfirst. [Read more...]

When is Religion Terrible for Marriage? When There’s Only a Little of It

In recent days, the Federalist and Rod Dreher have written fascinating posts on the differing impact of religious belief and religious practice on social outcomes, particularly marriage. [Read more...]

‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ and the Power of Words

I was standing in front of my house.  It was a hot Saturday afternoon and visiting neighbors provided the perfect excuse for not trimming my shrubs. [Read more...]

LeBron Returns to Cleveland: Every Young Athlete Should Read His Essay

 That mushroom cloud you see is the Internet detonating at the news that Lebron James is returning to Cleveland.We Frenches are absolutely rabid NBA basketball fans. I came by my love of the game growing up in Kentucky, where virtually every single day I’d play basketball until it was too dark to see the goal. When it snowed, the first thing I’d do was run outside and start shoveling until at least the free-throw line was clear. One of the great disappointments of my childhood was the slow realization that — for all my practice — I was never going to be that good. There’s just not much of a market for slow six-foot guards who can’t create their own shot. [Read more...]

Want Social Justice? Don’t Cheat on Your Spouse.

Dear Christian parents,

I’ve got a deal for you. [Read more...]