How Should Pastors Preach about Caitlyn Jenner Sunday Morning?

I love thoughtful friends who think about engaging the culture in meaningful ways.  When I got this challenging, poignant e-mail from a former pastor friend, I thought I’d share.

Here’s the question my friend posits and answers very powerfully:

If you were a pastor, what would you say about Caitlyn Jenner? [Read more...]

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The Post’s New Poll on Campus ‘Sexual Assault’ Is Bogus

Harvard Campus in Fall
David French talks about the latest poll on National Review:

Rachel Dolezal Is Blacker Than Bruce Jenner Is Female

David has an interesting take on the Rachel Dolezal story — the woman who pretended to be black in order to be an official at the NAACP: [Read more...]

Remember the Story of the Muslim Woman Denied a Can of Coke? It Might be a Hoax


David French thought there might be more to the story: 

Last week, I expressed some exasperation with the idea that CNN was leading its website with unsubstantiated claims from a Muslim women that a United flight attendant had denied her an unopened can of Coke because she could potentially use the can as a weapon.

[Read more...]

Mike Huckabee’s Ghost Writer, a Child Molester?

Last week, Mike Huckabee controversially defended the Duggars in the wake of their child molestation scandal. Tonight, BuzzFeed revealed that Huckabee’s books were co-authored by an accused child molester.  Obviously no one thinks that Huckabee has any sympathy for this kind of behavior, but he certainly needs to select better colleagues.

BuzzFeed reports: [Read more...]