What’s the difference between Donald Trump and Ben Carson when it comes to political correctness? Read more

At least [Huckabee’s] proven there’s something even worse than being Donald Trump. It’s being a Donald Trump wannabe. Read more

If anyone — whether angry white supremacist or deranged stalker — comes after my family, both my wife and I are prepared to defend life by killing the merchants of death. We would do so with a clean conscience and with a singular prayer on our lips: ‘Dear God, don’t let us miss.’ Read more

Several pickup trucks with several large American and Confederate flags drove through a neighborhood where a black family was holding a birthday party for their child. Here’s what happened. Read more

Money in the bank account, houses in suburbia, granite memorials, works of art, corporate success, exquisite gardens, scrumptious food, charitable foundations, even Disney World: if you can see it, you’re already losing it. Read more

Two little girls in Texas were told they couldn’t wear their new Air Force hoodies to school, because it violated dress code. Read more

Watch all of his emotional speech here. Read more

Please pray for this hero. Read more

The New York Times accused Carson of insinuating that the Oregon victims didn’t do enough to protect themselves. That’s insane. Read more

Have you ever noticed this about cereal boxes? Read more

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