The Creepy Eye-Contact Trick Sugary Cereals Use to Get Your Kids’ Attention

Slate had a fascinating video about Cornell’s recent study of cereal companies’ tricks to get your kids to want their cereal. (more…)

Meryl Streep Refuses to be Labeled a Feminist

View image | I love it when Hollywood stars refuse to play by the rules of the dominate cultural waters in which they swim.  In an interview with Time Out, she said: (more…)

Prison debate team dominates Harvard champs

View image | This is such a great story! The inmates at Eastern Correctional Facility formed a debate team, taught by teachers from Bard College.  After two years of training, they challenged the Harvard team to a debate. (more…)

Should We Welcome Russia’s Help with Fighting ISIS? Um… No. Here’s Why.

View image | Russia’s bombing of Syria has been all over the news this week.  Russian officials are claiming their actions are aimed at squelching ISIS.  But should we welcome Russia’s help with conducting airstrikes in Syria to combat ISIS? David French, Iraq War Veteran and Constitutional Lawyer, says “No.”  In his column at National Review, he lays out four reasons we should be very weary of Russia’s actions. First, Putin wants Russia to supplant the United States as... Read more

Carly Fiorina Terrifies Feminists – Here’s Why

View image | Carly Fiorina made a huge splash in the second Republican Primary debate.  And feminists are taking notice. Rich Lowry wrote a column at National Review explaining the mixed emotions Carly is evoking among feminists. The novelist Jennifer Weiner told the New York Times for a story about the conflicted feelings of feminists, “It’s so weird — she looks like one of us, but she’s not.” Another feminist writer said that “there’s an excitement and a horror.”... Read more

Will the Oregon Shooting Prompt a ‘National Conversation’ on Anti-Christian Bigotry?

View image | In Oregon, the news quickly emerged that the shooter at the community college located in Roseburg asked his victims what their religious affiliation was before deciding how to shoot them.  If they said they were a Christian, he shot them in the head.  If they were a different affiliation, he shot them in a less lethal body part.  In the end, ten martyrs confessed their faith in Christ. (more…)

Why Did Pope Francis Meet with Kim Davis?

View image | On his high-profile tour of America, Pope Francis made time in his jam packed schedule to meet with Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who went to jail for not issuing marriage license to same-sex couple. (more…)

California Lesbians Force Christian School into Admitting Their Child

View image | A lawsuit in San Diego, California has been filed after a Christian school decided not to enroll a child who has two moms.  The school cites their religious beliefs against homosexual lifestyles as the reason for not admitting the child, and the child’s mothers are now filing suit against the school claiming discrimination. (more…)

Some Sex Researchers Believe Young Kids Should NOT ‘Transition’

I’ve scarcely written a headline that screams “common sense” than this one, but apparently the culture is just far enough gone that we need to have this discussion. Progressive parents are unlikely to listen to me, but they may listen to a leading neuroscientist and “sex researcher” who says they should probably wait to help their child “transition” to a different gender.  (more…)

In Condemning Arms Makers, Pope Francis Sends the Wrong Message at the Wrong Time

David French and the message from Pope Francis on National Review: The Church could use the steely resolve of Pope Pius V. (more…)