The Chilling Chechen Connection

The Lowell Sun & Robin Young/AP

Before I go any further, let me clearly state that my comments are based in part upon current news reporting, and — as recent events have proven — contemporary news reports are notoriously unreliable. [Read more...]

Boston Marathoner Asks: How Do We Make Life Significant?

Guest Post By Christi Beth & Matthew Adams

We arrived in Boston late Saturday evening. [Read more...]

Are We at a Stalemate or is Gay Marriage Inevitable?

Last May, after Obama’s unsurprising reversal on gay marriage, I argued that the long-term future of the gay-marriage debate wasn’t an inevitable national victory for same-sex marriage but rather a stalemate, with red states staying conservative on the issue, and many of the blue states embracing further liberalization of marriage laws. [Read more...]

When Our Principles Don’t Survive Contact with Pain

There’s an old military adage: “No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” [Read more...]

The War Was Right, but the Rhetoric Was Wrong

I supported the Iraq War from the start. [Read more...]