I love it when Hollywood stars refuse to play by the rules of the dominate cultural waters in which they swim. Read more

The inmates at Eastern Correctional Facility formed a debate team, taught by teachers from Bard College. After two years of training, they challenged the Harvard team to a debate. Read more

Putin doesn’t care if the Middle East is “stable,” and he doesn’t have the slightest desire to halt the flow of migrants into Western Europe (or the U.S., for that matter). Read more

Carly takes every opportunity to show abortion defenders that they may be the ones who are unenlightened and lack compassion. Read more

Imagine for a second, if the shooter had killed only Muslims. Only black people. Imagine the outcry, the national handwringing, the constant conversations by talking heads about we need to rid the culture of anti-Christian rhetoric and language. Read more

The Pope makes a statement, driving liberals nuts. Read more

If this controversy goes to court it will present an interesting lesson for those who believe that Christians can leave the culture wars behind and safely retreat to their own enclaves. The radical left will find you. Read more

Progressive parents are unlikely to listen to me, but they may listen to a neuroscientist and “sex researcher” who says they should probably wait to help their child “transition” to a different gender. Read more

We seem incapable of calling for courage and resistance, if courage and resistance mean taking up arms. Read more

It is dangerous when a public school white washes the history of one religion and holds it in higher esteem than the rest! Read more

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