“Newsroom”: Like Watching the Inner Lives of People who Hate Me

I sat down with my laptop, a cup of coffee, and a little trepidation for Newsroom, HBO’s drama about Will McAvoy (played by Jeff Daniels), an anchorman who apparently — in the first season — decided to save network news by telling the truth and covering only “important” stories. [Read more...]

Three Observations About the Left and Civility

Even as I chuckled at Ian’s post about Democratic hysterics over the farm bill, I realized that the leftist response is no laughing matter. [Read more...]

“Good Abortions,” “Bad Abortions,” and the Battle for Truth

I was paging this morning through Megan McArdle’s blog (she’s apparently transitioning from The Daily Beast to Bloomberg View) and ran across this brief post asking “why are all of the essays on abortion so sad?” [Read more...]

Celebrating “Natural Hair” – Funny Tee



As I mentioned yesterday, hair in the African American community is a Very Big Deal, and we’ve waded into the issues now that we have a daughter from Ethiopia. [Read more...]

What This White Mom Did to Her Black Daughter’s Hair: The First Trip to the Salon

I had Naomi’s hair in two twists to make it easy for the stylist to work through. Or, so I thought.

As I’ve mentioned before, hair has been a challenge in our trans-racial adoption of our five year old daughter Naomi.  [Read more...]