An Open Letter to President Obama, From a Level 90 Elf Priest



Mr. President,

I write to you today not as David French, citizen of the United States, but instead as Rickybobbey, level 90 Blood Elf priest, Defender of a Shattered World, the Starcaller, possessor of the legendary cloak Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu’lon.

With a heavy heart I heard out town crier declare the news: Your trolls in the NSA (I merely presume they are trolls, for trolls cannot be trusted) created “characters” in the World of Warcraft and played for hours, searching our beloved Azeroth for the crazy and the dangerous. [Read more...]

Sarah Palin: “God Understands Destiny More than I Do”

This is a great interview by David Brody on CBN, with Sarah Palin about her new book “Good Tidings and Great Joy.” [Read more...]

Christians Must Use Explicitly Biblical Arguments

I distinctly remember my deep anxiety about leaving my southern, Christian college and traveling north to a law school that was, well, slightly less hospitable to my religious point of view. [Read more...]

On President Obama’s ‘Kindness’

Last week, while honoring the late Roger Ebert, President Obama said this: [Read more...]

The Differences Between Cats and Dogs


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.19.12 PM

We all know this cold, hard fact.  There are dog people, and there are cat people. [Read more...]