No, You Don’t Have to Boycott “Gay Friendly” Businesses


My husband David’s latest on National Review: [Read more...]

Did Miss Piggy Come Out as Pro-Choice?

A major pro-life website is describing Miss Piggy as “pro-choice” and here’s why: [Read more...]

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With Its Celebration of Caitlyn Jenner, the Left Doubles Down on Social Decay

David French had an interesting take on the Jenner controversy yesterday: Last week, when Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner was enjoying a fresh 15 minutes of fame, a number of social conservatives passed around this Wall Street Journal article by Paul McHugh, former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Arguing against transgender surgery, he shared a number of politically incorrect facts, including a sobering corrective to those parents who seem eager to embrace transgenderism in their young kids, going so far as to administer puberty-delaying drugs. (It turns out that 70 to 80 percent of kids who report transgender feelings “spontaneously” lose those feelings.) [Read more...]

Jon Stewart Hammers a Survivor of Female Genital Mutilation, Civil War and Forced Marriage

It must be hard to be a liberal.   [Read more...]

A Modern View of a Rich Heritage of Prayer: Leah Libresco’s “Arriving at Amen”


[Nancy French's note: Leah Libresco was a talented, prolific Patheos blogger on the atheist channel who announced in 2012 that she had converted to Catholicism.  Her blog can be found here...  and congratulations, Leah!]

Review by Wendi Matusic

As one who is fascinated by conversions from stanch atheism to devout Christianity, I was anxious to hear Leah Libresco’s story. As it turns out, this book was not exactly the place to get the background. And in fairness, it wasn’t titled or advertised to be. It is more like opening her biography to a page in the middle and joining her on her search for a prayer structure. [Read more...]