Twin Daughters Of Air Force Vet Barred From Wearing Jackets With Logo To School

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I love this story.  Two little girls in Texas were told they couldn’t wear their new Air Force hoodies to school, because it violated dress code. [Read more…]

Black man outside of Trump rally: “I voted for Obama twice and he broke my heart.”

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“I voted for Obama twice,” he said, “And he broke my heart.” [Read more…]

French Train Attack Hero Stabbed

Horrible news from NBC: [Read more…]

Why Ben Carson Is Right about Charging Attackers

Did you hear what Ben Carson said after the Oregon shooting that drove liberals nuts? [Read more…]

The Creepy Eye-Contact Trick Sugary Cereals Use to Get Your Kids’ Attention

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Slate had a fascinating video about Cornell’s recent study of cereal companies’ tricks to get your kids to want their cereal. [Read more…]