The strange reason why “The View” pundit blamed the Bible for Hillary’s political woes

Hillary Clinton is one of the least trusted politicians in America. Even many people who say they would vote for her say they don’t trust her. [Read more…]

Todd Palin seriously injured in snow machine accident

As many of you know, Todd Palin is an accomplished snow machine competitor and has won the Iron Dog competition several times.  He was injured in a snow machine accident last night, and this is all I know about his condition.   [Read more…]

Surprising Reason Why Nancy Reagan Kicked Kirk Douglas’s Son Out of Her House During a Playdate

Recently, Americans have mourned and remembered one of our most beloved First Ladies, Nancy Reagan.  One of my favorite stories came from Kirk Douglas, the classic Hollywood actor and father of Michael Douglas. When I saw he had written a remembrance of his longtime friend Nancy Reagan, I perked up. Kirk Douglas has been one of THOSE very outspoken Hollywood liberal Democrats for decades. [Read more…]

Pundit says Romney should run 3rd party, but you won’t believe the reason why

Two elections ago, I was a part of “Evangelicals for Mitt” which dealt with the “religion issue” that came with promoting a Mormon candidate.  We talked about how Christians could — in good conscience — support Gov. Romney, by dissecting every imaginable theological implication. We used the Bible.  We used history.  We prayed.  We had discussions at church with people who thought we were theologically misguided for supporting Mitt over more evangelical options. [Read more…]

Trump Surrounded by Secret Service as Man Tries Rushing Stage

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 4.41.03 PM

Donald Trump has been accused of inciting violence – or at least condoning it.   [Read more…]