Stop the Presses: A Muslim Woman Was Allegedly Denied a Can of Coke on an Airline Flight

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My husband David French writes about the lead story on CNN right now: [Read more...]

Vince Vaughn on Guns: ‘Banning Guns Is Like Banning Forks’


Who loves Vince Vaughn?   [Read more...]

Trans-Atlantic Disney Cruise, Day 15 – The End, the Numbers, and a Final Word

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Our alarm went off at 7:30 for our 8:00 debarking time. We didn’t go to breakfast because we’d said our goodbyes to our servers the night before and we wanted to avoid the awkward, “we’ve already said goodbye yet here we are again asking for a coffee refill” scenario. Ever since last night’s it’s been hard to avoid the acute sense of dread over the vacation ending, but now it’s time to focus on getting home and on the future unmitigated joys of unlimited high speed internet. [Read more...]

Trans-Atlantic Disney Cruise, Day 14: Meeting the “Genie-Soul” of Copenhagen

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In “The Moviegoer” (one of the books I read on the cruise), Walker Percy writes about cities having “souls.”  [Read more...]

Trans-Atlantic Disney Cruise, Day 13: It’s Not Over Until Someone Passes Out

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Excursions on the Disney cruises work this way: Disney tries its best to find local contractors to work with at our ports of call to show the passengers a great time in the host city. Normally, it works out well. Sometimes, not-so-well. [Read more...]