Mainline Church Abandons “In Christ Alone” Hymn

What do hymn choices tell us about a denomination? A lot, it turns out. [Read more...]

When Should a Scandal-Plagued Politician Just Go Away?

This week, I’m wrangling with honor, shame, and the idea of “second chances” in light of the (most recent) Weiner scandal: [Read more...]

No Kissing Before Marriage?

According to FoxNews, Showtime has a new documentary called “Virgin Tales” showing an evangelical subculture that doesn’t believe in kissing before marriage: [Read more...]

‘Carlos Danger’ and the High Cost of Cheap Grace


Cheap grace is the grace we bestow on ourselves. [Read more...]

Men and Women are the Same — Except when Women are Better

A recent New York Times article makes a fascinating claim: the females make males more generous, brothers who have sisters are more sympathetic, and corporate execs who have baby girls are less tight-fisted than execs who have bouncing baby boys. [Read more...]