If any of you were wondering how South Park would handle Donald Trump now that he’s a Presidential candidates, now ya know. Read more

Afghanistan have been directed to ignore the widespread rape of young boys that they witness while serving. Read more

In recent years, Christian adoption agencies have been consistently attacked for turning away gay couples who apply to adopt through the agency. The Atlantic took on this topic in an article today entitled “Should Adoption Agencies Be Allowed To Discriminate Against Gay Parents?,” telling the story of several “victims” of “discrimination.” Read more

Friends, my channel at Patheos is doing some market research, and I need your help! Read more

If you have watched the news or been online at all, you’ve undoubtedly heard that Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson is in the hot seat for saying that he does not think a Muslim should be President of the United States. Read more

Let’s leave the social justice experiments to places where real lives are not at stake, please! Read more

Hillary Clinton lamented that Donald Trump didn’t defend Obama’s faith. But wait… guess who STARTED those Muslim rumors? Read more

It was actually during the “dawn’s early light…” and you won’t believe all of the touching things that happened. Read more

All of this from the most unpatriotic President in our nation’s history… Read more

This is what it’s been like to be a white conservative with a black child. Brace yourself. Read more

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