Video: Peyton Manning sings ‘Rocky Top’ in Nashville bar

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Looks like he’s letting his hair down a bit: [Read more…]

Feminists have hit a new low… by asking women to celebrate their STDs (yes, really)

Cheerful lovely girl showing thumbs up over gray background. Looking at camera

Just when you thought feminism couldn’t get any lower, they begin a social media campaign dedicated to celebrating women’s sexually transmitted diseases and you’re proven wrong. [Read more…]

Professor hides under desk and calls 911, because she saw THIS on campus

English Professor Heidi Czierwic at the University of North Dakota called 911, panicking under her desk about the threat to her life and the students. [Read more…]

Abortion Clinics Closing In Record Numbers – Read Why!

Since 2011 more than one abortion clinic every two weeks has been forced to shut its doors and stop its murderous practices!

Bloomberg Business has more: [Read more…]

Time Magazine cover story comes out against porn… but for the wrong reason

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In its recent edition, Time magazine made a surprising statement for a far-left magazine that generally promotes the sexual liberation of the sexual revolution.  It claimed that pornography might be detrimental to our society. [Read more…]