“Duck Dynasty” Stars Alan and Lisa Robertson Lead Pro-Life Rally Against Abortion

The Duck Dynasty family is great for many reasons.  By participating as guest speakers at a pro-life event, Alan and Lisa Robertson  added one more reason to my growing list. [Read more…]

Campaign Worker for Ben Carson Is Killed in Car Accident

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A 25 year old man who was working for Ben Carson’s campaign was tragically killed in a car accident this week. [Read more…]

An Atheist Challenges Marco Rubio about his Faith – Watch Rubio’s Authentic, Emotional, Respectful Response!

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With all of the horrible, acrid politics going on these days, here is a breath of fresh air.  My husband David French wrote:

[Read more…]

Victims Mother Screams “Hillary is a Liar!” After Watching 13 Hours


The heart-broken mother of Sean Smith, one of the State Department employees killed in the Benghazi attack, left the movie premiere of the ’13 Hours’ in a rage. [Read more…]

Before you see 13 Hours, watch these 30 seconds

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Remember this Hillary Clinton ad which ran against Barack Obama back in 2008?  In this famous “3 AM Call” commercial, she attempts to compare herself against Obama: the message is clear.  She can handle foreign crises.  She is a leader for tough times. [Read more…]