The Nuclear Strikes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Were Right and Necessary


In a time when America lacks the strength of will to force an active-duty Army officer (and admitted terrorist) to shave his jihadist beard before appearing at a court-martial, when we wring our hands in guilt over the use of the most precise weapons ever devised against an enemy of unquestioned cruelty and malice, and when we respond to threats with weakness that merely encourages greater violence, it’s worth remembering a time when this nation understood the necessity — the moral necessity — of decisive force. [Read more...]

Celebrate Me – I’m Childless!

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Giving Water to the Thirsty: The Kingston Family and World Vision Run the Hood to Coast Race


John and Jean Kingston have been friends of the French family ever since John met David back at Harvard Law School in the early 1990s.  Over our years of friendship, we’ve had too many adventures to recount.  Most pertinently, John and Jean founded “SixSeeds,” a small mom and pop magazine for friends which helped parents figure out effective ways to serve together, to transfer values from generation to generation, and to have a great deal of fun in the process.

Well, it’s inspiring to see their family strive to reach all of these goals.  The Boston based SixSeeds, as you may have noticed, has now grown into the SixSeeds Faith and Family Channel at Patheos — one of the world’s largest religious websites. In fact, if you read this blog, you’ve benefited from their vision and generosity without realizing it!

Recently, I got an e-mail from Jean, and I knew they were up to another adventure.  In keeping with the spirit of the original SixSeeds mission, their family is trying to raise $40,000 for people in Sudan who have no water.

So far, so good. 

But the way they’re raising the money involves running.  A great deal of running.

Of course, I had to get to the bottom of this, and Jean was kind enough to reply.

Read the interview below to find out how you can join in on this life-giving fun.

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