This is what it’s been like to be a white conservative with a black child. Brace yourself. Read more

Ever notice how people are skittish when the topic of abortion comes up? It’s almost like conservatives hesitate to speak frankly about it, for fear of being labeled “extreme” or “fundamentalist.” Read more

Here’s how YOU said the GOP candidates did. Read more

Tonight’s debate shows how he misses the point. Read more

What a night! Who do you think won? Read more

I can’t shake the feeling that it’s a new era in politics. Read more

A bolt of lighting hit the ground setting a fire which was in the path of a tornado, which sucked up the flames, creating a terrifying spiralling inferno. Read more

There once was a woman married to a handsy, lecherous creep who happened to be President of the United States. He had been accused of sexual assault for three decades. Read more

The Donald has created a “don’t cross me” persona that the public loves. But Carly is developing one of her own. Read more

Here was the very funny opening bit, in which Jimmy Fallon — dressed as Donald Trump — interviews the real Trump on the mirror. Read more

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