Great Russell Westbrook Commercial about the Right Balance Between Dreams and the Cold Reality of Life

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As a parent, it’s hard to find that fine line between encouraging our kids to follow their dreams and giving them a hard dose of reality. [Read more…]

Hillary Says Every Accuser Deserves to be Believed – The Reaction Was Not What She Expected

Well, this couldn’t have been what she expected.

Hillary Clinton recently had the gall to tweet this:

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… which caused social media to burst out laughing in disbelief:

Cough * Juanita Broaddrick* cough.


Except for those who survived your husband?



.@HillaryClinton What do you think the over/under is on the number of women your husband raped?

Then, the photos started coming in:






No matter what, Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions and/or crimes are going to follow Hillary around during this entire Presidential cycle.

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Hundreds of Millions of Muslims Hate Jews, Support Terror: Dispelling the “Tiny Minority Myth”

Three miles from the tragedy in San Bernardino, people gathered to make sense of it all.  Just moments before, they heard a shooting had broken out…  they were scared. [Read more…]

Shorter Obama: Dear Islamophobes, I’m Still Not Serious About Defeating ISIS

We don’t need another speech against Islamophobia.  What we need is a President who understands the threat of radical Islam. Tonight we saw that President Obama either doesn’t get it or doesn’t care to address it honestly.  David French, over at National Review, explained:

[Read more…]

“Clock Boy” Makes Another Shocking Confession

“Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed, who originally made headlines for bringing a homemade clock that looked like a bomb to school, announced just over a month ago that he was leaving America to move to Qatar to attend school.

But now, only a few weeks after the move, Clock Boy is missing America. [Read more…]