Donald Trump Says Carly Fiorina is “Beautiful” – Still Doesn’t Get It

Donald Trump Says Carly Fiorina is “Beautiful” – Still Doesn’t Get It September 16, 2015

Tonight at the CNN debate, Jake Tapper asked Carly Fiorina about Donald Trump’s condescending comment about her face.  Chris Cillizza explains what was said:

“Look at that face,” Donald Trump said of Carly Fiorina, while talking to a Rolling Stone reporter working on a profile of his front-running candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. “Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!”  Trump’s implication being, of course, that Fiorina is simply not attractive enough to be elected president or, in Trump’s revisionist history, that her “persona” is not attractive enough to be president.

Tonight on the debate stage standing very near Trump, Carly stood her ground.  “I believe all of the women in this country heard what you said.”

Trump smiled, as if she had just schooled him, then said, “I thinks Carly has a beautiful face.”

This, of course, is the worst response, because it shows how he misses the point.

The value of a woman is not directly proportional to her beauty!  

Here’s her powerful ad on the issue:

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