Who Won the CNN Debate?

Who Won the CNN Debate? September 16, 2015

What a night!  Vote here!

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  • I don’t think anyone can “win” these debates. Periodically a candidate will say something not completely stupid, and on rare instances a few have acted as if they have a heart.

    Trump’s face throughout this thing has been priceless!

  • Brian Elgin

    so where do we see the results of this poll?

  • I have a terrible polling system! Here ya go:

    Nancy French
    NYT Best-Selling Author
    http://www.NancyFrench.com Facebook/NancyAndersonFrench @NancyAFrench

  • Mary Jane

    Where are the results?

  • Here ya go! I have a bad polling system and couldn’t get the results to show automatically!! http://www.patheos.com/blogs/frenchrevolution/2015/09/16/results-of-poll-who-won/

  • Sorry just click on the header that says “French Revolution,” it’ll come up!

  • Leland Whitehouse

    Carly Fiorina had the best moments and moved up in the polls. Likewise Huckabee hit some home runs of his own. Donald just kept dodging bullets & only got hit once.

  • I’m a Cruz supporter ( unless Sarah runs ) but score the debate for Huckabee . He was great on every issue when he got his 30 seconds and had Carson , Cruz and Trump saying they were now considering the Fair Tax . Most positive thing to come out of the debate . He was very effective . Cruz wasn’t bad either but the flat tax still requires an IRS , tax enforcement , tax courts , tax prisons , the federal government to know everybody’s full name and marriage status , lots of paper , still penalizes success .

  • Ash Teeter

    Trump is corporatism embodied in a flesh like form anyone who supports him watches way to much reality TV.

    For the last 30 years we have been doing about the same thing in the middle east toppling governments and giving arms to various radical groups. Half of the country’s we have destabilized went from being a 1st world country to being a 3rd world country. This is what the war machine wants because it creates an ideal environment for perpetual conflict.

    Rand Paul is the only one who sheds light on this idiotic destructive cycle the media and big money has us locked in. If you cant see that try laying off the brawndo and drinking some water