It’s a Bad Time to be a Politician: Trump & Carson Leave Others Behind

It’s a Bad Time to be a Politician: Trump & Carson Leave Others Behind September 16, 2015

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Wow — this is something. I’ve never seen the political landscape shape up like this.  In the current polls, there’s not one senator or governor even close to Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.  They’re leading the Republic Presidential Primary race far and away.  In a CBS poll, Trump leads with 29% and Carson is second with 25% of those polled in early primary states.

David French at National Review comments:

A CBS/YouGov poll released this weekend shows that in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina the alternative to Trump is Ben Carson. Not one senator or governor is within meaningful shouting distance: As for the Democrats, Bernie Sanders is now ahead of Hillary in Iowa and New Hampshire. While Hillary leads in South Carolina, a lead that large won’t hold if she loses the first two: Again, it’s early. We’ve had one Republican debate, and there have been exactly zero Democratic debates. But the days and weeks are ticking by without a single Republican politician catching fire. Indeed, the opposite has happened. Soon enough, it won’t be “early” anymore, and Trump, Carson, or both will likely still be at or near the top of the polls. We could be in for one of the more memorable political races in recent American history.

For a breakdown of the polls, read David’s full article here.

I think this shows that Americans are sick of politics as usual…  even Democrats, who are choosing Bernie Sanders over their “establishment” candidate of Hillary Clinton.

I can’t shake the feeling that it’s a new era in politics.

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  • vortem

    At least Democrats are looking at a candidate that has real policies and a platform and who has dedicated his life to the people. Unlike the GOP

  • Asemodevs

    LOL. Someone who makes his money off taxpayers is “dedicated to the people”? No, he’s a leech off the people. Professional politicians are scum. In the business world, where you have to provide people with a product or service they need, these slugs are total failures. Obama and the Hildebeest have never done anything useful in their pathetic lives.

  • vortem

    Seriously? What? You think our public servants should work for free? Would that also include teachers, firefighters, policemen, and anyone else who gets paid through tax dollars?

    Certainly done politicians are scum. Bernie Sanders however is not one if them. Not by any stretch of the imagination.