Hillary Dares Speak to Sexual Assault Victims After Ridiculing Bill’s Victims for 30 Years

Hillary Dares Speak to Sexual Assault Victims After Ridiculing Bill’s Victims for 30 Years September 15, 2015


Wow.  In a new ad called, “Hillary’s Message to Survivors of Sexual Assault,” Hillary Clinton speaks directly to victims of sexual assault:

I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault.

Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have a right to be heard. You have a right to be believed. We’re with you.

First of all, is this what we want our Presidential candidates making campaign ads about?  Who’s not with sexual assault victims in this day and age?

Oh wait.  My bad.

There once was a woman married to a handsy, lecherous creep who happened to be President of the United States.  He had been accused of sexual assault for three decades. The Daily Dot composed a short list of his accusers:

  • Paula Jones, who accused Clinton of exposing himself and propositioning her in a hotel room;
  • Juanita Broderick, who accused Clinton of forcing himself on her in a hotel room;
  • Eileen Wellstone, who accused Clinton of raping her when she was a student at Oxford;
  • And at least two anonymous students who met Clinton at Yale University and the University of Arkansas, respectively, and claim he sexually assaulted them there.

(Here’s a more comprehensive list of the allegations over the past three decades.)  And let’s not forget Monica Lewinsky.

Hillary has stood by Bill Clinton throughout every one of his ordeals.  In fact, she has disparaged his accusers. Feminist Melissa Harris-Perry is one of the few liberals who has spoken out against Hillary’s handling of Bill’s charges, saying she “made an appalling choice as a feminist—not that she stayed with her husband, but that she did not speak out in defense of a barely-older-than-teenage girl who was harassed by her husband … And then she used that experience to create sympathy for herself.”

Does anyone remember when Hillary Clinton “expressed contempt for ‘whiney women’ who accused GOP Senator Bob Packwood of sexual harassment?”

Or how she responded to this woman, whom she called “trailer trash?”

After the Gennifer Flowers story came out during her husband’s ’92 presidential run, her response, according to Carl Bernstein, was to throw herself into efforts to discredit Flowers and to try to persuade horrified campaign aides to bring out rumors that Poppy Bush had not always been faithful to Barbara.


… she consistently relates to and protects and stands with the oppressors in the gender wars, not the victims. It isn’t only that she stayed with Bill Clinton, but that she invariably sees him as the victim, preyed upon by a series of female aggressors. According to Carl Bernstein’s A Woman in Charge, as her husband prepared to run for president, she pushed to get sworn statements from women he’d been rumored to have been involved with … She even interviewed one of these women herself, at her law firm. 

Kathleen Willey, who accused President Clinton of sexually assaulting her in 1993, had some choice words about Hillary’s new ad.  She told The American Mirror:

She believed what happened for sure,” Willey tells The American Mirror. “She just chose to ignore the plight of all of his victims, thus enabling him to continue to abuse and rape women in the future.”

Willey adds, “She’s a money-hungry hypocritical witch who will do anything for money.

“She’s a lying pig. I CANNOT believe that she had the gall to make that commercial. How dare she? I hope she rots in hell.

In other words, Hillary just opened a can of worms.  Her ad brings up all kinds of questions, including this one by  who asks,”What if America’s first female president were married to a sex offender?”

Feminists?  Wouldn’t that set a terrible precedent and validate “rape culture” that we hear so much about?

In the meantime, watch Hillary and marvel that she can say these words with a straight face… and ask yourself what else she is lying about?

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  • noprisoners49

    Kathleen Willey says it best: “She’s a money-hungry hypocritical witch who will do anything for money.”

  • Clay


  • Stephen Paden

    To be fair, Bill Clinton didn’t assault anyone. This is apples and oranges.

  • Jack Perry

    Just so we are on the same planet, Stephen, what is your version of the definition of assault? And while on the topic, what is your version of the definitions for battery, and for rape (let’s keep it to 18 and over)?

  • Michael Malosky Jr

    I like how this article (not so) cleverly lumps Gennifer Flowers into Bill’s pile of “sexual assault victims.”
    So, Mrs. Clinton called an obvious attention-seeking woman who had voluntary sex with Pres. Clinton “trailer trash.” Imagine that? How callous of her?
    Ms. French’s smear piece barely qualifies as op-ed. Would’ve saved time by simply writing “I really don’t like Hillary Clinton.”

  • jjgrndisland

    She’s world-famous but she’s unloved. Who would trade places with that vile woman? Nobody.

  • jjgrndisland

    Gentlemen do not wear caps indoors.

  • jjgrndisland

    You misspelled witch.

  • Margaret Harrison

    She is SICK. What about Bill Clinton’s War on Women??? Just ask these women:

    Juanita Broaddrick (AR)- rape

    Eileen Wellstone (Oxford) – rape

    Elizabeth Ward Gracen – rape – quid pro quo, post incident intimidation

    Regina Hopper Blakely – “forced himself on her, biting, bruising her”

    Kathleen Willey (WH) – sexual assault, intimidations, threats

    Sandra Allen James (DC) – sexual assault

    22 Year Old 1972 (Yale) – sexual assault

    Kathy Bradshaw (AK) – sexual assault

    Cristy Zercher – unwelcomed sexual advance, intimidations

    Paula Jones (AR) – unwelcomed sexual advance, exposure, bordering on sexual assault

    Carolyn Moffet -unwelcomed sexual advance, exposure, bordering on sexual assault

    1974 student at University of Arkansas – unwelcomed physical contact

    1978-1980 – seven complaints per Arkansas state troopers

    Monica Lewinsky – quid pro quo, post incident character assault

    Gennifer Flowers – quid pro quo, post incident character assault

    Dolly Kyle Browning – post incident character assault

    Sally Perdue – post incident threats

    Betty Dalton – rebuffed his advances, married to one of his supporters

    Denise Reeder – apologetic note scanned

  • Michael Malosky Jr

    That’s the problem with an isolated pic(and clueless reply): context. It’s a Halloween costume, a pit stop mechanic get-up, I’m wearing before I go out.
    Whew, good thing I wasn’t wearing my yamaka and risk a raid from the Hat Police lol!

  • Margaret Harrison

    Hillary and Carvel attacked everyone of these women as Sluts from Trailer parks. Shame on Hillary. What about the MILLIONS$$$$ she has taken from Arab countries who abuse, rape, murder and deny women basic human rights??? She hasnt spoken out about those evil countries

  • vortem

    It’s disingenuous to use Monica Lewinsky in this questioning of Hillary Clinton’s commitment to sexual assault victims. Monica was 22 years old ( significantly more than almost just a teenage girl) and she was a more than willing participant in the sexual relationship.

    And coming from a blogger who questions the legitimacy of college sexual rape claims, this is a bit rich….

  • Gregory

    According to Hillary Clinton, Bill raped several women, as long as we are now taking every victim at their word.

  • Stephen Paden

    I apologize, I did not know this. I don’t really keep tabs on these excrement piles.

  • Glenn Kessler

    30 years ago she tried to silence all of her husbands sexual assault victims! Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Jennifer Flowers…….. the list is endless, and Hillary Clinton called them all Trailer Trash, looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Most of you liberals have selective memories and short attention spans.

  • Glenn Kessler

    She meant to say “Don’t let anyone silence you,,, unless your sexual predator is my husband and I am demanding your silence.”

  • andrea grima


  • Ellie M F

    We all saw the number they did on Monica because they are Politicians and Monica was an innocent young Intern. We never heard what Bill used to say to her and do. This was an all one sided blame Monica.
    She has the nerve to make that video because she must really mean it.
    I have learned a lot in this coming Election. All the liars, all the people, Reporters, Media, TV Stations, Twitter like someone said kills our kids while the Twitter, all going to Mexico and they should talk about Trump. Trump never killed anyone and has no intentions to or future plans to.
    Hillary did a number on suspicious suicides and murders of about 43 people who worked for her and Bill in that time of Whitewater, Stocks, and anyone who was going to have to be witnesses against them in Courts.
    Hillary by no means is any role model for any Womens Organizations or Groups.
    Hillary wants to win to the WH to make her husband feel better by us allowing him back in. He wants to give him Presidential rooms of Taxpayers to screw more women there after all he is old and beat up looking now and needs something to get his women plus taxpayers mobey , he needs a lit of Viagara now and remember they are broke.
    No actually we should stop Hillary in her tracks now in everything she tries to do.

  • Ellie M F

    No she did not.

  • Helen Spinali

    Oh this is the pits. Hillary is speaking of herself… her womanizing husband gave her plenty of room to do so. Yoko Ono, John Lennon wife just said in The Daily News that she had an Affair with Hillary in the Seventies! also read that Hillary’s Muslim Secretary is her Lover. This answers Bill’s affairs with the so many women in his life.

  • Helen Spinali

    Is this the time to critique a person’s words? So you think your perfect? FYI Kathleen did not misspell the word WITCH which is the correct word for that sentence. Time to open your Dictionary.

  • Ana

    Bill Clinton has a history of rape and assault that goes back over 30 years. Hillary did a lot more than just ridicule Bill’s victims. She threatened them, had them put them under surveillance, had thugs strong arm them into silence, and ignored their allegations. Hillary condoned and covered for Bill. She was an enabler who aided and abetted his crimes. In effect, Bill’s victims were raped twice. Once by Bill and then again by Hillary’s callous disregard for his victim’s plight. Google ‘Democrats War on Women.’ There are 5 million, 200 results on the subject of Bill’s rapes and Hillary’s covering it up.

  • Ana

    Snopes debunked that story, which was on World News Daily, a satirical news site, and not the Daily News.

  • Ana

    You need your eyes checked – PRONTO!