Pro-life groups are ALREADY compromising to support bills with rape/incest exceptions to abortion bans. Read more

The doctor suggested terminating their pregnancy, but these parents said no. Read more

It’s a promising development that red culture is increasingly immune to the politically correct left–leaving them howling with impotent rage as “our” institutions continue to prosper — the news is much less good if you’re a red individual or red institution in America’s blue regions. Read more

Mitt Romney is a good man. Here are our thoughts after all these years. Read more

If the far Left could, it would bar judges from teaching Sunday School, serving as elders or deacons, or becoming members of orthodox Christian churches or theologically conservative synagogues. Read more

For those of you who wanted to see Louis Zamperini’s embrace of faith and forgiveness, you’ll love this new short film. Read more

If you’re a conservative, and a Republican tells you they’re pro-life, don’t believe a word they say until they can prove that support with actions, not words. Read more

Once again, the Supreme Court has unanimously rejected a government restriction on religious freedom, sending a strong and vital message to lower courts. Read more

Is it too soon to say that this nation does not need this man as President? Read more

Clint Eastwood has done something far greater than win an Oscar. He reached a great nation with a story it needed to hear. Here’s why. Read more

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