Oregonians Beat Trump Piñata, Scream “I Want to Kill Him” – You Won’t Believe Why!

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In Portland, a new food cart had a grand opening celebration which had dancers, music, and a Donald Trump piñata. [Read more…]

Politicians Aren’t Causing Anti-Muslim Hostility — Jihadists Are

According to USA Today, Indiana Congressman Andre Carson (who is a Muslim) said he received a death threat.  In part, he blames politicians for this threat, because they’ve been “fanning the flames of bigotry.” [Read more…]

Husband of 9/11 Hero Returned Wife’s “Woman of the Year” Award after Caitlyn Jenner Received it Too

After 9/11, Glamour Magazine awarded their “Woman of the Year” to a brave police officer who sacrificed her life saving hundreds of people.  Now, her husband is giving back the award, after Glamour awarded the same prize to… Caitlyn Jenner.

[Read more…]

Trump’s Proposed Muslim Immigration Moratorium Is the Wrong Response to Political Correctness

If you’re like me, you are sick and tired of all the political correctness that surrounds the conversations about terrorism, ISIS, and — well — just about everything.  But Donald Trump’s most recent pledge to enact a moratorium on all Muslim entry to the United States, has — as David French writes over on National Review — “gone well beyond being the anti-Obama and has reacted straight into foolishness.” [Read more…]

Great Russell Westbrook Commercial about the Right Balance Between Dreams and the Cold Reality of Life

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As a parent, it’s hard to find that fine line between encouraging our kids to follow their dreams and giving them a hard dose of reality. [Read more…]