French Train Attack Hero Stabbed

Horrible news from NBC: [Read more…]

Why Ben Carson Is Right about Charging Attackers

Did you hear what Ben Carson said after the Oregon shooting that drove liberals nuts? [Read more…]

The Creepy Eye-Contact Trick Sugary Cereals Use to Get Your Kids’ Attention

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.02.33 PM

Slate had a fascinating video about Cornell’s recent study of cereal companies’ tricks to get your kids to want their cereal. [Read more…]

Meryl Streep Refuses to be Labeled a Feminist

I love it when Hollywood stars refuse to play by the rules of the dominate cultural waters in which they swim.  In an interview with Time Out, she said: [Read more…]

Prison debate team dominates Harvard champs

This is such a great story! The inmates at Eastern Correctional Facility formed a debate team, taught by teachers from Bard College.  After two years of training, they challenged the Harvard team to a debate. [Read more…]