Does Church Attendance Matter in Marriage? Yep.

My friend Shaunti Feldhahn is on a mission to get rid of cynicism about marriage. [Read more...]

Her Husband Said He Was Leaving. She Didn’t Believe Him.

Mike Tierney pointed out this 2009 article  about marriage that I thought I somehow missed the first time around.  Anyway, I found it particularly touching…  by Laura Munson: [Read more...]

How to Live a Life of Privilege

Today I’ll be speaking at the graduation for a Christian home-school group here in Tennessee. [Read more...]

The Legal Significance of Labeling Pro-Life Speech ‘Torture’

Kathryn Lopez has been covering the ongoing effort by radical pro-abortion NGOs to apply the U.N. Convention against Torture to the Catholic Church for — among other things — its international pro-life advocacy. [Read more...]

“Fifty Percent of All Marriages End in Divorce” (and Other Myths)

“Fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce,” right?  [Read more...]