A new Pope and a new Cardinal

So  much has been happening with the new Holy Father.  I watched with tears in my eyes this morning as one by one  he greeted the parishioners attending his Mass this morning.  He greeted them as I greet my parishioners here.  With every new pope there comes changes.  The change is of the level of style, of emphasis.  Benedict taught us the value of the Liturgy, of beauty.  He was a teaching Pope.  Francis is teaching us how to be humble.  His homilies that we have witnessed have both been under 8 minutes each.  They were homilies that could have been given in any parish in the world.  He and Benedict are different.  They both however, preach the same truth – Jesus Christ.  We should avoid comparing the Popes so as to give a slight to either of them.  They are their own men.  Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to work through them!

From the “This is New” file:

With a Tip of the biretta to John Paul Sonnen, Pope Francis seems to have already named his first Cardinal.  This hasnt been confirmed yet.(UPDATED: Vatican Radio Has confirmed Pope Francis Gave Archbishop Baldisseri his Cardinals Zuchetto.  Read here if you read portugese and listen – if you speak italian)  But a long standing tradition is that upon his election, the new Holy Father would remove his red zuchetto and place it on the head of the Secretary of the College of Cardinals.  In the picture below we see the Secretary of the College of Cardinals, Archbishop Lorenzo Baldisseri, 72 of Italy, formerly the Nuncio to Peru with a red Zuchetto on his head.  If this is true, the Archbishop will be publicly created a cardinal at the next Consistory.  

  • Yae

    I agree with your commentary on not comparing the two Popes. I love and admire them both and I am glad to visit a blog where Papa Francis’s simplicity is not being criticized. I am tired of such and want now to follow him and pray alongside him and try to be a more faithful daughter of the Church. I have watched his celebration of the Holy Mass and see how much he loves our Eucharistic Lord. Dr. Hitchcock, while on EWTN, commented on how he was impressed that Papa Francis elevates the sacred host so high and lingers in prayer longer than would any other priest. I pray many will see that and grow in love with Jesus in the Eucharist, I know that is one prayer I have for me.
    Thanks again, Fr. Duffy and look forward to visiting your fine blog again soon.
    Let’s pray that the meeting to take place between our two beloved Popes on Saturday will be of mutual benefit to both and that for as long as they shall both live, God will bless them and the Church as together, we all venture forth on the path that leads to heaven!