An ancient call to be witness – A beautiful homily on monsignors

A lot has been said in the last day about Pope Francis’ reform of the naming of monsignors.  I don’t really have an opinion either way on the new reform.  I think it was a nice custom and a nice honor for the individual priest and for his parish and diocese.  Could clericalism and careerism take hold, sure.  But know this, no one becomes a priest, gives up a natural family to wear red buttons.  I became a priest to serve Jesus Christ and God’s Holy People.  A seminarian I know sent along a homily by Bishop Peter Libasci when new monsignors were named in his diocese.  Listen to it here.  It is among the most powerful homilies I’ve ever heard and its a good reminder of what the custom of naming monsignors was really all about.  Ultimately it’s all about witness.


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