VIDEO: Everyday Holiness: The Life of Fr. Joseph Muzquiz

Fr. Joseph, Left, with St. Jose Maria Escriva


In 1949 Fr. Joseph, a young Spanish priest, arrived in Chicago to start Opus Dei’s activities in the United States. He spoke little English, had only a few dollars in his pocket, and Opus Dei was almost totally unknown.  But, encouraged by St. Josemaría Escrivá, he worked with quiet determination for many years. Through his influence many young Americans committed their lives to spreading Opus Dei’s message of finding and serving God in everyday life. With his death in 1983 there began an outpouring of testimonies from people of all ages whose lives he had profoundly shaped.  In 2010 his cause for canonization was opened in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Check it out.  We are all called to holiness.  Fr. Joseph reminded everyone he met of this simple fact, that we can all be saints.  Need a miracle?  Pray to Fr. Joseph!  Fr. Joseph, Pray for me, that I may be a good and holy parish priest.  Help me to be a saint.  Help me to lead my parish to continued holiness and closeness to Jesus Christ.

The Servant of God, Father Joseph Muzquiz

Prayer for Private Devotion

God, you helped your servant Joseph work with generosity and simplicity. He spread the message of sanctity in secular life to many people, teaching them to find joy and peace in their daily life. Help me to seek first the kingdom of God, by sanctifying my everyday work and dedicating myself generously to the salvation of souls. Glorify your servant Joseph, and through his intercession, grant me the favor I ask of you.

Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory be to the Father. 

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