7 Quick Takes Friday!


I had jury duty this week, but not really. I got a summons, saying I could be called down any day from Monday through Thursday. So of course I had to have someone “on call” to watch Maggie if I had to go downtown. My poor MIL ended up staying with us from Monday afternoon until dinner time on Thursday…and they never called me in!

Not complaining, mind you, but it’s sort of frustrating that they couldn’t just let me know one way or the other. Lame.

Thank you. A little recognition was all I was after, anyway.


I don’t know if you’ve seen my series on sustainable eating, but if you haven’t, please check it out! You can read part I and part II and leave a comment if you’re so inclined.


In conjunction with writing those posts, I’ve decided to read more about sustainable eating to expand my knowledge. I have a dream to pubish a series of posts looking at sustainable eating from the viewpoint of health, the environment, business/economy, and social justice. I’m even tinkering with the idea of having a bi-weekly “Mindful Eating Monday” or something like that. What do you think? Would you enjoy reading more posts about the different aspects of sustainable food and eating? Would you be interested in posts about household cleaners or other products sustainably produced?

Feedback please!


Oh yeah, the books.

Well, I read In Defense of Food about two years ago, and it was wonderful. But I hadn’t yet read Omnivore’s Dilemma, so that is the next on my list.

I started Animal, Vegetable, Miracle last summer and never finished it, so I am going to finish that one.

The Locavore’s Handbook looks interesting too.

I might consider Folks, This Ain’t Normal as well.

Is there anything else I should think of reading along these lines?


We’re going on a family strawberry picking adventure this weekend! I even have my half-pint jars and pectin for making jam. I am so ahead of the ball this year.


Yesterday Maggie and I completed a super-secret Father’s Day project for Atticus. I won’t post a picture until after because he reads my posts, but I will say, I think we have a little Picasso in the making here!

What are you doing for Father’s Day? I always love to know what people are doing, because you all have such great ideas!


I love this guy. Did I ever tell you about when we saw him at the United Center in Chicago before we moved? He’s about 64 years old, and it was the best concert I’ve been to (and I’ve seen some good ones!). He rocked, danced, and sang the whole two hours without taking a break. It was an amazing concert.

Well, he’s got a new album out! I heard one of the songs, Death to my Hometown, on the radio and I liked it. If anyone has heard the whole thing, I’d love to know what you think!

Also, no big deal, my dad played in a band with Bruce back in the 70’s before he was popular. It was a garage band in Asbury Park, NJ, where my parents lived before I was born. Like I said, no big deal.

While I leave you to bask in the glow of my generational awesomeness, have a happy weekend! Go see Jen for more quick takes!

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  • Kelly

    I’d definitely be interested in some regular mindful eating posts. Also, I can’t wait to hear how the strawberry picking goes. I’d love to do that with my little guy but don’t know how it’d be at his age. :)

  • elizaraxi

    I have really been enjoying the sustainable food posts! Keep ’em coming! Another couple of books to add to your list: Food Matters, by Mark Bittman (complete with recipes), and Real Food, by Nina Planck. Have fun strawberry picking!! I’ve really been wanting to go. Oh, NBD about Bruce and your dad. NBD. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/joymhbailey Joy Bailey

    I was suppose to have jury duty this month but was excused because of having 2 littles and no nearby family. Kudos to your MIL for helping out.

    Enjoying your sustainable series and would definitely be interested in reading more.

    Duly impressed by your Springsteen connection; have never seen him in concert but friends have and have had a similar great time.

  • http://gedert014.wordpress.com gedert014

    I like your posts on sustainable eating. And I’m sorry that jury duty was lame. I thankfully got out of it because I was at college!

  • http://Www.graceandpressure.blogspot.com Grace

    Oh, jury duty. I got called the last week of maternity leave. For a child molesting case. Where I knew the prosecutor. A nursing brand new mom who is an attorney for abused children on a child molesting case. They had me out the door so fast I didn’t have time to even blink!

  • http://www.noweternityandbetween.blogspot.com Lianna

    I like the Mindful Eating Monday idea! I would love to hear more about sustainable food and eating, fair trade brands or stores, and also chemical-free household cleaners, shampoo, etc!

  • http://michelle-endlessstrength.blogspot.com Michelle

    I really enjoyed your sustainable eating entries. I sent them to my husband since he does the grocery shopping. We can’t afford to go all in, but we are trying to make it work to get hormone-free Milk, anyway.

    I love Bruce Springsteen, too. He looks awesome for his age, by the way.

  • Laura M

    #5: yes!

  • http://catholicmutt.blogspot.com Catholic mutt

    I’m definitely interested in learning more about sustainable food. I’m trying to work on that more, but I can use all the help I can get!

  • Pat

    More good information. Thank you for posting. Maggie’s drumming ability must come from you.