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What did you all think about Mary’s post on Wednesday? I loved it! She did a great job explaining the terms and giving ideas for small steps to infuse social justice into something as basic as our food choices. Thanks again, Mary! Look for more guest posts in the future about other issues connected to food and justice.


Maggie woke up on Tuesday and decided she loves preschool. That morning she did not shed one tear while we were getting ready, driving to school, or going into the classroom.

On Wednesday she was walking around in the morning asking, “School? School?” There’s no school on Wednesday.

This morning she also did not cry and walked right into her classroom and started to play. It was so stinkin’ cute.

I think her nerdy, school loving gene must have kicked in. With a mother and father like Atticus and I, I’d be shocked if she doesn’t try to live at the school sometime in her life.


Thanks for your prayers on the special intention! I really appreciate it, as does the person on whose behalf they’re being offered. You guys are the best!


Yesterday was the appointment with the NaPro doc. Oy vey. I’ve been debating on talking about the fertility stuff on here since I have many (probably most) followers who don’t have struggles in that department. But I am in the business of keeping it real, and it doesn’t get much more real than this. Also, I think infertility is an ignored and forgotten subject in Catholic blogging circles. I can name ten well-known bloggers (or more) off the top of my head who have 4 or more children and exactly 1 who has a smaller family and who has written openly about her struggles. I get it. People want to read cute stories about a bunch of little ones getting into shenanigans and mothers writing about how being open to life and having 6 kids is the greatest thing they have ever done.

I really like reading about that too. For some reason, no one seems to want to read about how much it sucks when you are open to life and the life doesn’t come. There is an awesome community of Catholic bloggers who struggle with IF, but I don’t know how many people outside of that community ever read their stories. I’m going to share because sometimes infertility is part of being open to life, and I think everyone needs to know that.


So the appointment. I have low progesterone. We’re doing a hormone panel to find out how low. If it’s below the magic number, then I get to take progesterone injections several times per cycle. Lucky me.

It’s only been 5 cycles, so we have a few more cycles of trying before the big C gets added to the mix. Clomid.

Y’all, please, please pray that I don’t get to the point of needing clomid. It stresses me out. I know one woman who had triplets on clomid, and two who had twins. I love babies, but I know for a fact I will come unglued if more than one comes at the same time.


We had a great Michaelmas feast last weekend. Pastured chicken from our favorite local farm. Butternut squash, carrots and onions from our garden. Roasted in the oven with lots of butter and garlic.

Mixed greens, apples, dried cherries, toasted walnuts, and goat cheese.

It was so darn good.

Have you had any delicious fall feasts?


This weekend I am working an extra two WW meetings and then we’re going to plant lots of lovely tulip and daffodil bulbs for the spring. I’m excited to dig in the dirt with my little family.

What are you up to this weekend?

Here’s a picture of Maggie at the Zoo a few weeks ago, hanging with the tiger.

She’s pointing to his foot and saying “Paw! Paw!” She’s a smart cookie.

Happy weekend and go see Jen for more quick takes!

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  • Angela

    I always appreciate it when people are willing to share their stories of infertility. I have a malformed uterus and use NFP to avoid pregnancy (because I will have a miscarriage otherwise). I endure a lot of judgement from people who think I just must not want children. Talking about it openly and shedding light on the struggles of all different types of infertility is so important for removing the stigma of embarrassment.

  • http://gedert014.wordpress.com gedert014

    I’m actually starting to go to WW meetings next week. I lost the first 23 pounds and now I haven’t lost in several months. I clearly need some motivation.

    And I’ll be praying for your IF issues. I haven’t been ovulating and I can’t even imagine the frustration when you’re TTC (and I’m just learning NFP now and getting frustrated!)

  • http://catholicmutt.blogspot.com Catholic mutt

    Love the picture of Maggie and the tiger! Praying that you don’t get to the point of Clomid, but I’m glad you’re willing to be open to talking about IF. More people need to know how it can affect lives!

  • maggiefromtheheart

    First of all, that picture of Maggie and the tiger showed up kind of small on my reader and it looked like a patio door and a backyard. I thought, ‘Bitchin’! Sarah got a pet tiger!” Then I actually read what you wrote…

    I think it’s great that you are writing about infertility. We all need to hear more stories like that in addition to the oodles of children stories. I’m praying for you and hopefully you get more answers and a BFP soon!

  • http://www.noweternityandbetween.blogspot.com Lianna

    Loved the post about food and justice! I can’t wait to read more of the justice posts.

    Aww, sweet pic of Maggie and the tiger! Prayers for a sibling for her…

  • http://joybeyondthecross.blogspot.com Marie

    Being Catholic and struggling with IF, well it just downright sucks sometimes. On the one hand you are excited for your fellow sisters in Christ when they do announce another pregnancy, but all the while wondering about yourself and “am I doing this whole open to life thing wrong”? I know one of my all-time favorite bloggers just announced she was pregnant with #6 and I love her so of course I was nothing but enthused for her. But at the same time with just coming off a miscarriage (#3 in total), it just stings sometimes you know. Anyway, I don’t mean to ramble. You know on one hand, the people that don’t get Catholic and IF and don’t read those blogs (mine included), probably feel the same way as I do about reading “NFP” blogs – in the sense that my husband and I don’t struggle currently (or have for any part of our marriage I don’t think) with practicing NFP to avoid a pregnancy and so those blogs don’t interest me. But I love your BLOG! :) Oh, and Maggie – such a cutie pie! I hope you have a great weekend!

  • http://catholicandcrunchy.blogspot.com Stacy

    Do they usually do clomid after a year? We hope to start TTC sometime next year and I was wondering how long we would try ourselves before that would get added to the mix. I’m like you… it scares me a bit! We are doing the injections and Steven has to learn how to give them to me- poor hubby! Let’s lift each other up in prayer!

  • Emily G

    I am totally for you writing about your fertility struggles. I think many of us suffer fertility problems in silence, thinking no one wants to hear our stories. However, I’ve never not been interested…but that might be because I’m a fertility nerd or something like that. Anyway, I am taking 200mg/day of prometrium post peak. It has lengthened my post peak phase from 3-4 days to a fantastic 11-12. And it will hopefully help a little one stick when we try again. And I have been reading the Catholic infertile blogs since I had my miscarriage 3 years ago. I pray for those women every day.

  • http://aknottedlife.blogspot.com Bonnie

    I’m glad you’re writing about infertility. Maybe this is really dumb, but I feel like my fertility could disappear at any moment.

    Oh WW… I have fallen off that wagon and I need to get back on.

  • Pat

    Our culture has rituals for supporting people who have a death in the family. But no commonly recognized rituals for supporting some other kinds of grief/loss, such as Infertility. Does an employee get off work for a week because of the heartache of infertility? I have not had infertility issues. But like everyone else, I have had heartache for which there was no ritual. I would guess that all people have.

    So, Sarah, it is helpful for people to talk about the issue of infertility. Talk and support from friends is helpful. And our faith. Thank you for raising this issue.

  • Pat

    Thanks for having Mary write about food. People need to hear important messages over and over and over and over and finally some of those people will take action. Someday I will be a retiree with time to take on an issue.

  • Stitchwort

    More than twenty-five years ago, after four miscarriages, the doctors put me on Clomid. Result: a healthy, single, baby girl, who is now married and mother of three herself. Four years later we tried with Clomid again. Result: a healthy, single, baby boy, who just graduated from university and got married this past spring.

    I had one later pregnancy, without Clomid, and again miscarried, in the same distinctive pattern as the earlier ones.

    Were I still back in the stage where children were possible, I would take it again without hesitation. Because of it, I had the joy of knowing and raising two of my children. And, as my faith and understanding grew, I was very thankful that it was a morally acceptable solution.

    “Be not afraid.” I will pray for you.