Comic Book Day Tomorrow-Here is what we’re looking forward to….

Hey Everyone,

Every Tuesday night, we’re gonna post comics we’re looking forward to reading tomorrow.

So, let’s get cracking…..


Green Lantern #21  In case you missed it, GL #20 is sold out. You can’t get it anywhere. My agent and friend tried to get it in Louisville this past weekend. It was an amazing and beautiful end to Geoff John’s run on Green Lantern.

Now, we have the creative team of Robert Venditti and Billy Tan. They have very large shoes to fill. In case you missed it, Hal Jordan is now leading the Corp and has to train the “Templar Guardians”. How is that going to go? We’re guessing not very well…..



As regular readers of GGR know, we’re a huge fan of Daredevil here. So, imagine our excitement when, at the end of one Daredevil run, we’re getting a new series!!! Woot!

Daredevil: End of Days #8 will end its eight issue mini-run. If you haven’t been reading this series, when you finish this article…go…get the first seven issues. The creative team led by legend Brian Bendis, explores the death of Daredevil centered around the main mystery of, “What did Daredevil’s last word, Mapone, mean?” Just a fantastic, fantastic series…..



Next, we have the newest Daredevil series, Daredevil: Dark Nights #1  This series is designed to bring back legendary writers to do do some unknown tales of The Man Without Fear. In this issue, Matt Murdock must race through a blizzard to save a patient who is at death’s door. Sound exactly like him…..





Finally, Superior Spider-Man #11. This series just keeps blowing me away. I love it and the guts Slott has in his storytelling. In this issue, Doc Ock/Peter Parker is trapped by his own arrogance and pride. Now that he is starting to face The Green Goblin, what’s going to happen? Tune in….or read in…..whichever…..




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