Introducing our new Gamer and Comic Editor: Chris Bowsman

Hey Everyone,

I want to introduce you to our new Gamer and Comic Editor, Chris Bowsman. The dude has taught me a thing or two about comics and gaming. Allow him to teach you…..sit at his feet and let him be the master in your geek journey….


Rogue Geek Gamer and Comic Editor: Chris Bowsman

I’m a passionate disability rights advocate, sci-fi fan, and intercultural communication guy. I have cerebral palsy. I like video games. I have a master’s degree in Intercultural communication and a B.A. in German. I hope to go overseas again someday. Haven’t been to Germany. I’ve been to Spain. I like movies. Raised in Port Huron, MI. Went to College in PA. Looking at the world through the eyes of aliens.

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