We’re back, on a new channel and DC Comics goes to the dark side!

Hey Everyone,

We’re back on Geek Goes Rogue and, we’re no longer on the Evangelical Channel here at Patheos. Instead, we’re on the Movie Channel and we think that’s a better fit.

So, to give you a sense of our new direction, we’re going to keep our “editorials” on all things geek related. But, we’re also adding some new wrinkles such as reviews, more interviews and Geek news.

To that End here is our  first news item.

DC Comics is hosting “Villains” month for all their New 52 titles.

Ever wonder what would happen in the comic universe if all the Superheros disappeared and the villains had free reign? Well, no wonder no longer, comic fans. After the “Trinity War Event” found in the Justice League titles, the DC universe will be under the bad guys control.

Not only that, but each title will have a very cool 3-D cover for each title.

Geoff Johns, one of DC’s few remaining legendary writers (and GGR’s favorite) says,

“FOREVER EVIL is a chance for David and I to work on all the greatest villains in comic books,” Johns said to USA Today. “It’s literally everybody. I don’t even know if there’s anybody not in it. We’re really exploring what darkness means and the different kinds of darkness that are within these villains.”

GGR can’t wait to see the chaos that results from evil having its day and good being removed the the universe. Should prompt some interesting discussions, no?

Check out the cover for Batman below….




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