Ron Livingston: “Exorcism is surrender to God.”

Here is the first of The Conjuring videos…..It’s my favorite as Ron Livingston gives some fantastic answers….

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  • Noah Smith

    Surrender to God, or physical and mental abuse. Can be a bit tricky. Especially among charismatic African churches were vulnerable people have died and children have been labelled as “demonically possessed”

  • Author Jonathan Ryan

    Again, Noah, this is why the Catholic Church has a process. It can be abused, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

    • Noah Smith

      Processes can also be abused, the Catholic church isn’t without its scandals

      • Jonathan Ryan

        Of course not. I didn’t argue the Catholic church is pure. Instead, I wanted to point out there is a process. These things still fail, but exorcism isn’t done at random either.