Wicked Smawrt Batman? Destroying the Daredevil argument….

Okay, so, since I was knee deep in interviewing Kirk Cameron, I didn’t get a chance to post my reaction to Ben Affleck as Batman.

So, what is it?

Let’s wait and see….

I know many of my friends think I’m nuts and that’s fine. There is no denying Ben has dropped some stink bombs. Some, like Gigli, there are no excuses for and should be banned in civilized countries. Others, like Pearl Harbor, he did a fine job, but the movie was directed by Michael Bay. Enough said.

However, many people use the movie Daredevil as proof positive as to why he should not be The Dark Knight. As someone who considers Daredevil his favorite comic book character of all time, allow me to rip up that argument.

Hear me, Daredevil really isn’t that bad of a movie, especially if you watch the Director’s cut version. Other than Jennifer Garner’s pitiful acting as Elecktra (the biggest miscast of the century), it was a good and decent superhero movie. Did I want better? Sure, but I was satisfied with it. I love Matt Murdock and I thought Ben did a decent job with the role by giving as a lot of subtle nuances of Murdock’s character such as his Catholic faith.  I’ve yet to hear one argument why Affleck did a bad job in the film other than vehement assertion. He did a fine job with the actions sequences and played a convincing blind super hero.

Now, will he do a great job as Bruce Wayne?

I think that all depends on the material he is given. When he does his own thing, Ben nails it. You want proof? Go watch Argo, The Town and Good Will Hunting. On the later film, we seem to forget he co-wrote the damn movie with Matt Damon and won an Oscar for it. The man has talent and he can act. Plus, he is wicked smawrt. Deal with it.

So, despite all the moaning and groaning, I see no real reason why he can’t make a good, if not great Bruce Wayne. I’ve yet to hear one legitimate argument to the contrary other than Affleck has done some bad movies. So has George Clooney (Bat nipples anyone?) and even the golden boy Matt Damon. If you have a long career in Hollywood, it’s bound to happen.

Fellow Geeks, I lay down the gauntlet, give me your reasons below on why Ben can’t be Bruce. I’m waiting….

P.S. Joss Whedon agrees with me….case closed……


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Jonathan Ryan is a novelist, blogger and columnist. His novel, 3 Gates of the Dead, published by Open Road Media, is in bookstores everywhere. The sequel, Dark Bride, will be out early next year along with a powerful new Young Adult Trilogy, Revolution of the Wolf and a moving middle grade series, Ghost Bear.

  • Jakeithus

    I totally agree, the negative overreaction to the news is uncalled for at this point. Daredevil was on TV over the weekend, so I had the opportunity to watch it again, and nothing about Ben Affleck’s performance was all that bad. I had issues with the script, or the overly long montages set to Evanescence that haven’t aged well, but not with Affleck.

    I have reservations about Affleck pulling off the dark, brooding, intimidating persona required to play Batman, but just because I have trouble picturing it doesn’t mean he cant. If you would have told me that Heath Ledger was cast to play the Joker, I would have had the same reservations about him playing a psychopath, and look how that turned out.

    I heard someone discussing how Affleck might be in “Screw You” mode to the rest of Hollywood after his Argo snub. Nothing would shut up more critics and show Hollywood he is back than nailing the performance as Batman, so give him a good script and I have faith.

    • http://www.authorjonathanryan.com Jonathan Ryan

      Yep, I think you’re right about the screw you Hollywood mode. I say, Go Ben….