Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap

Okay, so we are little late on this one, but it can’t be helped. The Founder in Geek, me, is a bit busy with movies and books.

So, here are my reactions to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as I watched… (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

1-5 Great opening intro with an ordinary single being a hero by saving a woman from a burning building. Turns out, he may have super powers.  Awesome. Then, cut to D-Bag Hot Agent who is on some mission, shows his skills and will most likely be the show’s “rebel”. Not liking him as a character very much, but we will see.

6-10 Awesome reference to The Avengers and the Battle of New York in conversation with Agent D-Bag, and a good tie in with Iron Man III. GEEK MOMENT Agent Coulson’s return. The dark corner joke…hilarious…   Agent Coulson proceeds to give D-Bag hot agent the smack down. (Hint: poop joke) Hmmm…seems as if SHIELD keeps secrets even from Agent Coulson.

11-15 Cute Conspiracy Girl finds the hooded hero from the show’s intro. She’s kinda annoying….More Agent Coulson..thank you….Geekie Q type figures meeting D-Bag Hot Agent….  Melinda May, great character so far….

15-20 Ahhh, Cute Conspiracy Girl is the so called “Rising Tide”, the supposed villain of the pilot. Turns out, she is not.  She gets into a room alone with D-Bag Hot Agent. Hopefully, they kill each other in a knife fight… No? Ah well….

20-25 Hooded Hero talking to some Doctor and has a metal centipede on his arm…interesting… back to D-bag Hot Agent and Cut Conspiracy Girl fighting… PLEASE BRING OUT THE KNIVES….Coulson brings the smack down AGAIN….Cool SHIELD tech moment in the burned out building, Geek drool….. Agent Coulson sticks highly potent truth serum into D-bag Hot Agent, and invites Cute Conspiracy Girl to ask D-Bag anything.  Awesome….Now they share a moment…rolling eyes…….okay its kinda funny.

25-30 YIKES! Hooded guy goes nuts on his former employee and kills him. You feel the desperation of the father as all he wants is a job to take care of his son. Agent Coulson uses this to get information from Cute Conspiracy Girl.   Hooded guy visits the woman he saved. Oh, twist, she is the doctor who gave him his super powers, which come from some kinda centipede looking thing in his arm. She tells him the people who gave her this technology don’t want it known.  People are serious, and don’t want to be revealed. Centipede stuff is full of gamma radiation. Maybe it will hulk out on D-bag Hot Agent……

31-42 More cool tech stuff as they found about a previous guy who went nuts. Super soldiers being created. Hooded guy finds geeky girl to help him and his son…… OHHH Extremis! Turns out the Hooded guy has it running through his system.  …..interesting….I’m wondering how they will tied that into Iron Man III.

Only solution seems to be kill this guy. Agent Coulson fights the options. Hooded man gets identity erased….Geek girl shows them where to find them….  D-bag Hot Agent says that the hooded guy is a “nobody” and Agent Coulson responds. “Nobody is Nobody”…..yes….

Huge fight in a train station and then…some sinister looking cops show up… We have a third party here…..Melinda may kicks shooters of hooded guys ass…  “I’m a good person, it wont affect me……people being pushed down, all you do is lie…..there are gods, what are we? We are what they step on”   Agent Coulson agrees as he tried to talk Hooded Man down. D-bag Hot Agent saves the day by shooting the guy with a tranquilizer gun. End Scene with Lola….awesome…..

Overall GGR Reaction: Not a bad start to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I will say with out Agent Coulson, this thing would probably suck. But with him, this show is going to be very watchable. I’m hoping the other characters develop beyond the stereotypes, so we will see. Overall, I’d say a solid B effort from Joss Wheadon. Even D-bag Hot Agent might get interesting…



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