Teen Author Boot Camp 2015 Interview: David Powers King

Teen Author Boot Camp 2015 Interview: David Powers King April 7, 2015
(So, tomorrow, I leave for Utah right after work. David Powers King will be our last interview for TABC and its a great one! Stay tuned to this channel for more TABC coverage. David talks about his new novel, Woven, and how important worldview is to any writer)


What started you on the writing path?

I had a very cool idea pop into my mind when I was 13. I was getting into science fiction, and I had a hard time finding stories that I could connect with. So I wrote the adventures from my imagination on one of my dad’s computers (we’re talking floppy drives). A whole novel came out of this idea, and I’ve been writing since

Are there themes that you are drawn towards in your books

I’m very drawn to include a moral dilemma for the main character, and for the story to have the classic struggle of good vs. evil. Self discovery and applying yourself to the world that’s around you is a fascinating concept that make for great storytelling constructs. It depends on the kind of book I want to write. From middle grade fairy tales to door-stopper fantasies, I have a wide range of stories waiting to be told.


DPKHow does your worldview play into your writing?

I’d say worldview plays a huge part for anyone’s work. There is this argument that you should write what you know. This is hard to do since I have no idea what it’s like to be in a spaceship or ride on the back of a dragon, but there are elements from my personal experiences that have manifested themselves on the page. A little piece of the author’s mind can always be found in every book you find.

What advice will you have for the teen writers at TABC?

I’m teaching a class about the psychology of heroes, villains, and everyone else. My advice for teen writers is to look deep into the motivation of your characters and themselves. If you know where you’re coming from, you’ll know where you’re going

How do you deal with criticism and bad reviews?

As of yet, Michael and I haven’t received any “bad” professional reviews, but if we were to, we would take it in stride knowing that not everything is for everyone. Having your work criticized is part of being an author. Expect it. Anticipate it. And regardless of someone’s opinion, be grateful that they picked up your book.

Tell us about your latest project. Where can people get it

My debut novel with co-author Michael Jensen, WOVEN, released at the end of January this year, a fantasy tale for all ages about a murdered young man and a princess who journey to find a magic needle that can bring him back to life. You can find WOVEN at major booksellers or online. Learn more at wovenbook.com.

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