Cottonwood and the Fight Against Racism.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a Dream

‘The Eracism Foundation wants that dream to be a reality”

Dr. Martin Luther King was a hero to so many and gave his life following his dream to see equality for all. He inspired a nation, and since his untimely death, thousands have stood up to make their own contribution to abolish racism. One such person is Louis Gossett, Jr., who, in 2006, launched the Eracism Foundation.

 “I am dedicating the last quadrant of my life to an all-out conscientious offensive against racism,” says Gossett.

“Our World is full of hate – music lyrics, movies, and the evening news deliver images of people fighting and killing out of hatred.  Police stations in most major cities even have “hate crime” divisions that monitor racist groups bent on destruction . . . Racist, sexist, and other oppressive attitudes are repugnant and loathsome, and we should not accept them. But violence and rage do not lead to positive social change. Love, truth, and honor are powerful forces that no amount of hate can withstand . . . Loving your enemies does not mean smiling while a bigot insults you.  Loving your enemies means acknowledging that nothing beneficial comes from hatred.  Mahatma Gandhi demonstrated that change comes not through hate but love.  Martin Luther King Jr. started his movement hoping to redeem America’s soul.  Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu broke South Africa’s system of apartheid using the same principals.  Like these great leaders, we can put our hatred aside and fight wrongs.  I unlock my heart and release hatred.  With a serene and loving mind, I attack injustice.”  Carleen Brice, “Walk Tall”

The Eracism Foundation is a 501c3 Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. Their mission is to eradicate the systematic impacts of all forms of racism by providing programs that foster cultural diversity, historical enrichment, education, and antiviolence initiatives.

Louis Gossett, Jr. is cast in the planned indie feature, Cottonwood. Inspired by a true story written by Stacy Dean Campbell, Cottonwood is a murder-mystery that takes place in West Texas in the summer of 1937, during the great depression and dust bowl era. It is a riveting, heartfelt, racially charged drama. Upon reading the story, Gossett said, “This is a film that must be made.”

Mark Campbell Productions had fellow cast member, Kari Irwin, interview Gossett at his home to discuss his role and passion for the film. When asked what attracted him to the project, he answered, “Its humanity.”

In the vein of 12 Years a Slave and Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Cottonwood has compelling characters, including Jack the Mule, hardships, poverty, and the murder of a local racist. What these characters go through will resonate with viewing audiences for years to come.

Producer Julie Campbell says, “Because Cottonwood deals with racial injustice, something that is a serious issue still today, I have joined in to help Louis’ foundation by bringing support and awareness though our film.” Mark Campbell Productions (MCP) will also donate a portion of their Cottonwood proceeds to the Eracism Foundation.

Louis Gossett Jr. has evolved as a legend, not merely on camera but in life. He has proven himself repeatedly as a master of his craft and well beyond. He has demonstrated his true commitment to the betterment of mankind. Gossett is a cancer survivor, has faced adversity, and has always prevailed; he is a true winner.

“I am excited and honored to be working with Louis on this incredible film. I hope you will join us and help bring this worthy project to the masses,” says Julie Campbell.

MCP has launched a crowd funding campaign on in hopes of having the public take part in the making of the film. With your participation they can make this happen. To learn more about the movie Cottonwood, and to see an interview with Louis Gossett, Jr. regarding his role and foundation please visit, and



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