Tourism Slogans

The Washington Post has a feature called the Style Invitational, in which readers are encouraged to make humorous or snarky contributions to a weekly topic. This time readers were challenged to come up with tourism slogans for various countries. Some of the better ones:

France: Visit, If You Must. (Sigh.) (Martin Bancroft, Rochester, N.Y.)

China: Come Visit Your Money (Ira Allen, Bethesda)

Denmark: Oh, So Nothing’s Rotten in YOUR Country? (Brendan Beary)

England: We Couldn’t Beat the Patriots Either (Bruce Evans, Arlington)

Germany: Genocide Free Since 1945! (Cy Gardner, Arlington)

India: For More Information Press 1 (Matthew Morris, Rockville, MD)

Iran: We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 999 (Brendan Beary)

Mexico: A Little Less Crowded Every Day (Dan Milam, Paducah, Ky)

Qatar: Wish U Were Here (Barry Koch)

Now it’s YOUR turn. . .

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