Oklahoma beats out Texas

My Sooners edged Texas in the BCS rankings to win the Big 12 South. They will play Missouri on Saturday for the conference championship and a likely spot in the national championship playoff game. The irony is that Texas dealt Oklahoma its one loss, though the Sooners are playing so well now that they crushed the one team that beat the Longhorns; namely, Texas Tech.

The Sooners won the computer calculations thanks to a 20-point win over nationally-ranked Oklahoma State. That was a hair-raising game and much closer than the score indicates. I admit this only after the BCS votes are in, just in case a BCS voter is reading. Last week I didn’t believe in computer rankings. This week I do.

If it’s any consolation to Texas, if Oklahoma loses to Missouri, the Longhorns could find themselves in the national championship game after all, despite having lost their conference.

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