Oklahoma beats out Texas

My Sooners edged Texas in the BCS rankings to win the Big 12 South. They will play Missouri on Saturday for the conference championship and a likely spot in the national championship playoff game. The irony is that Texas dealt Oklahoma its one loss, though the Sooners are playing so well now that they crushed the one team that beat the Longhorns; namely, Texas Tech.

The Sooners won the computer calculations thanks to a 20-point win over nationally-ranked Oklahoma State. That was a hair-raising game and much closer than the score indicates. I admit this only after the BCS votes are in, just in case a BCS voter is reading. Last week I didn’t believe in computer rankings. This week I do.

If it’s any consolation to Texas, if Oklahoma loses to Missouri, the Longhorns could find themselves in the national championship game after all, despite having lost their conference.

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  • Bruce Gee

    “If it’s any consolation to Texas, if Oklahoma loses to Missouri, the Longhorns could find themselves in the national championship game after all, despite having lost their conference.”

    This pretty well sums up all that is wrong with the BCS system. A team might earn the right to play in the national championship by **not** playing.

  • Begrudgingly, I congratulate Oklahoma. I wish my Longhorns had somehow gotten into the Big 12 championship game, but I can’t complain about how it turned out. After all, last week I said we should trust the computers. Bottom line is, you gotta take care of business and win your own games.

    Go Mizzou!

  • Lisa

    As a Nebraska fan, I don’t really care who ended up in the Big 12 championship game. I do care how it happened. Texas beat both Oklahoma and Missouri. It is wrong that they are sitting home watching the game.
    Head to head should always be the determining factor. As it stands coaches from other conferences and computers are deciding which teams play in the Big 12 Championship.


  • Carl Vehse

    I wonder if the 0.0128 difference would have been reduced or reversed if Colt McCoy and the first string Longhorns had stayed in the game against A&M and racked up two or three more touchdowns?

  • William

    For those who will be watching the Sooners play the rest of this year, here are the words to the fight song which you will be hearing again and again and again, as played by the Pride of Oklahoma. Feel free to sing along:
    “Boomer sooner, Boomer sooner, Boomer sooner, Boomer sooner, Boomer sooner, Boomer sooner, OKU. A Sooner born and a Sooner bred
    and when I die I’ll be a Sooner dead.
    Rah Oklahoma, rah Oklahoma,
    Rah Oklahoma, OKU.”
    Now that’s poetry!

  • Now I understand why college footballs teams often show no mercy and run up the score against weak opponents. They have to, when every point might matter for something big.

    William, now I will have to put “The Eyes of Texas” out here for good measure. They play this after every game, home or away, win or lose, Longhorn salute held high. (To the tune of “I’ll Be Working on the Railroad.)

    The eyes of Texas are upon you, all the livelong day.The eyes of Texas are upon you; you cannot get away.Do not think you can escape them, at night or early in the morn.The eyes of Texas are upon you, ’til Gabriel blows his horn.

  • Matt Fleming

    GO SOONERS! I gotta say, the thing that angered me most about all the discussion about this decision was the following: So many people, especially newscasters and the Longhorns’ head coach, kept saying that Texas Tech shouldn’t be considered in the tie, since they were ranked so low, and that it should be a head-to-head with Texas and Oklahoma, which of course Texas won.
    First of all, this fails to take into account the fact that the only reason Texas Tech is ranked so low is because of how BADLY we (Oklahoma, that is) crushed them. So basically, Texas’s argument is that the Sooners shouldn’t go to the Big 12 Championship BECAUSE THEY WON BY SO MUCH.
    Secondly, the lower Texas Tech is ranked, the worse it should make Texas look, since they directly lost to them. So Texas Tech being low ranked should actually point to the Sooners going, rather than Texas.
    Which it did!
    Do I smell both another Heisman and National Championship for OU this year?

  • Matt Fleming

    Oh yeah, about that stuff about “maybe if Texas scored more against A&M”? The only part of the BCS that takes points into account are the Coaches’ and Harris Polls. The actual BCS computers don’t look at score, only who beat who and every team’s difficulty of schedule. Oklahoma easily edges out Texas with their wins out of conference against TCU and Cincinnati. The only reason the margin ends up being so close in the BCS is that someone gave Texas a first place vote in the Harris poll that threw them ahead of OU.

  • David Fleming

    William left out 8 key words in “Boomer Sooner”, namely: “Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, OKU!”

    While I must admit it’s not great poetry, when played by the Pride of Oklahoma it does sound quite delightful (especially the nice counter melody). It’s been a fun year to hear it over and over again. 🙂