Colleges are getting blamed for turning out so many unemployable graduates with “impractical degrees” in the humanities.  Critics are saying that students should take “practical” majors like business or other job-training fields as a way to reduce unemployment. But that’s exactly what college students, including the unemployed graduates, have already been doing!  Only 12% are humanities majors.  What we have now is a glut of unemployed business majors, computer programmers, and (especially) architecture majors. Bloomberg’s Virginia Postrel gives the facts… Read more

What is the key to a successful school?  The educational culture. Think of the ingredients that make for a good school. Small classes. Well-educated teachers. Plenty of funding. Combine, mix well, then bake. Turns out, your recipe would be horribly wrong, at least according to a new working paper out of Harvard. Its take away: Schools shouldnt focus on resources. They should focus on culture. The study comes courtesy of economist Roland Fryer, an academic heavyweight who was handed a… Read more

Our sixth grandchild was born today! So bright-eyed and alert already! Read more

Harvard Divinity School professor Stephanie Paulsell tells about worshipping at Harvard: On Wednesdays at noon we gather for community worship organized by a student steering committee and the director of religious and spiritual life. When I first came to Harvard Divinity School, the weekly community worship service was deeply ecumenical. While the shape of the service was recognizably Protestant, it also possessed a flexibility born of a desire to create a welcoming, open space for people of different theological and… Read more

The line of attack on Romney from the rest of the Republican field (except for Ron Paul) is that he is a capitalist!  He made profits!  He fired people!  In other words, the ostensibly conservative candidates are attacking him from the left, sounding like Occupy Wall Streeters or, at least, Democrats.  National Review is indignant: Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Jon Huntsman seem to be engaged in a perverse contest to be the Republican presidential candidate to say the most… Read more

The case of Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran School vs. the EEOC is being argued before the Supreme Court.   J. Christian Adams sees the Justice Department’s case as being a major assault on religious liberty.  Here is his take: Like so much from this Justice Department, Holder’s radical legal positions are at odds with long American traditions. This latest species of Holder’s radicalism is a frontal attack on faith communities. In the case of Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v…. Read more

M. Romney 39.4% R. Paul 22.8% J. Huntsman 16.9% N. Gingrich 9.4% R. Santorum 9.3% R. Perry 0.7% B. Roemer 0.4% M. Bachmann 0.1% G. Johnson 0.1% H. Cain 0.1% via Politics, Political News – You be the analyst. Read more

Some Republicans, resigning themselves to what looks like an inevitable Mitt Romney nomination, are growing philosophical.  Yes, Romney falls short ideologically.  But maybe we don’t need an ideologue.  Maybe a management consultant as president is exactly what we need.  From Michael Gerson: Maybe, at this moment, the Republican Party doesn’t need a clear decision on its identity (which might not be possible anyway). Romney has this advantage: In supporting him, no Republican is called upon to surrender his or her… Read more

Ezra Klein points out that in the 19th century the different newspapers were tied to and funded by political parties.  The news was slanted accordingly.  But then newspaper revenue switched to advertising. This led to a greater degree of objectivity–as well as blandness–since newspapers didn’t want to alienate any particular audience, the advertisers wanting to sell to everybody. After that interesting discussion, Klein segues into a larger discussion based on this observation: One of the most mind-bending facts of our… Read more

At the Pentagon last week President Obama announced the new defense budget, which will include some cuts and will also herald a new military strategy.  Briefly, the president declared that the last decade’s wars against Islamic radicals are over.  And we will be pulling troops out of Europe and re-positioning them to face China.   David Ignatius gives details: It was easy to miss the impact of Obama’s words: He was declaring that the era that began on Sept. 11,… Read more

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