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An Imperfect Effort

It’s the middle of the night and I am attempting to complete an advent calendar for my son.  This Ramadan, for the very first time, my son will be fasting a few hours each day inshaAllah.  To encourage him, I decided to create a calendar that would contain treats for him to have with Iftar. I hope you’re not imagining a beautiful, hand crafted work of art.  Our advent calendar is a simple cut out of a crescent moon and star on which 30 plastic baby food containers have been glued and number … [Read more...]

A Ramadan Prayer

Ya Allah.My daughters were three years old last Ramadan. They understood that Ramadan meant no eating or drinking for Mama or Baba all day long. You helped me take them every night to taraweeh prayers, so they could see another aspect of Ramadan. You helped them memorized a few surahs from the Qur'an and recite them every day. You helped me accomplish my goal of introducing the fourth pillar of Islam to them.But oh, Allah. This year they're four years old. They can understand oh so much … [Read more...]

GrowMama Roundup: Favorite Ramadan Activities for Busy Moms

Blessed Ramadan is nearly hear! In anticipation, we asked some of our writers what are their favorite Ramadan activities for becoming closer to our Creator. Here is what they said:M shares:One of my favorite Ramadan activities has to do with getting in quality family time with the Qur'an. We'll gather pillows from all over the apartment, throw them in the middle of the living room, sit down and begin reciting. Our two year old likes to hold her own Qur'an and flip through the pages while … [Read more...]

Ramadan Suhoor Ideas

If your family is like mine, no one feels like eating at 4 am - especially not the children. I have found that small, nutritious items with a little flavor work for us. Try these sometime:Egg Quiche.This is super easy to whip up and lasts days in the fridge. In fact the longer it sits the better it tastes. I found this no-crust cheese and spinach quiche recipe online. It’s quick and easy to make. Use 5 eggs, 10 oz of spinach, 1 onion and 3 cups shredded cheese. Bake it all together in a pie … [Read more...]

Blast from the past: “And So It Begins…”

Here is a "blast from the past" post by one of our GrowMama writers we hope you'll enjoy. It was initially published in 2010 where she shares the story of a special first night of Ramadan. We pray yours are blessed as well!Ramadan is a tremendous opportunity to strengthen a child’s Muslim identity, and to build a closer relationship with Allah SWT and with community. Each year I wonder how to make it special for the family. What can I do for them to taste it’s sweetness?  This year, like man … [Read more...]

A Father’s Influence

“Whoever you sit with, learn from their good qualities, leave their bad qualities”“Listen to everyone, then do what you want”“Listen to your mother”“Safety first”“Pray as much as you can”My father is full of advice. Experts say that fathers don’t spend enough time truly talking to their children and interacting with them. This is not true of my father.From as far back as I can remember, my father has taught me with more than just his actions. Even when I was very young, he … [Read more...]