First Year

Seems like just yesterday when I held you for the first time,

I thanked Allah for the gift, as your eyes looked into mine.

Seems like just yesterday when you smiled your first smile,

I felt my heart melt, for you did it in such style.

I watched you grow as you hit each milestone,

Couldn’t help but think where have the months flown?

Rolling over was one of you firsts,

Then you started teething, making it a pain while I nursed.

But nothing comes easy, so I prayed for the best,

And all along I really felt blessed.

The word “baba” came spluttering out one day,

You were a lot more alert, always ready to play.

Seems like just yesterday when you sat up alone,

Started your routine Sunday call with grandma on the phone.

Seems like just yesterday when you started to crawl,

You would zoom around so fast, as though you’d go through the wall.

“mama”, “tata”, “cedo”, and “nana” got added to your list of vocab,

Mashallah, your “intelligence” made me so proud!

Soon you were eating cereal, with a fruit and a side of veggie,

You were more like a big boy, no longer a baby.

As you got another pair of teeth, I was afraid to get bit,

You ate more solids; chicken on a bone was your favorite!

Before I knew it, you were pulling yourself up,

You were cruising, and clapping, even drinking from a cup!

Seems like just yesterday when you learned how to wave,

Falling as you learned how to walk, you were always so brave.

Seems like just yesterday when I held you for the first time,

I thank Allah for the first year we’ve shared; inshallah many more just as fine.


Hoda  is a wife and a mother to a stillborn daughter in heaven and an almost two year old son. She is an elementary public school teacher and lives in Virginia.

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