Growmama Picks for November 2011

Growmama Picks is a collection of fun, interesting, and/or inspiring links that we share with you at the end of every month. Enjoy!

  1. This post breaks down empathy into four steps so it is teachable to young children.
  2. Two bloggers give a personal, heartfelt glimpse into the challenges that mothers of special needs children face in navigating the Muslim community. Read this post on attending an eid celebration and this one on dealing with the preconceptions of quick-to-judge individuals.
  3. Ten ways we misunderstand children.
  4. This article on the struggle to perform the five prayers on time is very practical for busy, stressed moms.
  5. This is an interesting visual approach to helping children understand the surahs they are learning.
  6. Cold season is not always a bad thing. There can be a positive side to childhood illness.
  7. When your child doesn’t seem to understand “No”, we need to remember that it’s OK to allow feelings while limiting behavior.
  8. This looks like a fun winter day activity with food coloring, Q-tips, dish soap, and milk (maybe wait until your gallon is about to go bad).
  9. We loved reading the first of the Amazing Race series, and look forward to the next installments.

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  • Fatima

    Love the picks! The empathy article is excellent.

  • Dalal

    The empathy article was great, I had been thinking about how to instill compassion in children, but empathy is so much more relevant at this stage. The other picks were also very timely! From #7, instead of saying no to a child’s request, “say YES to the feelings and desire, even while you say NO to the behavior or request, your child will feel (and act) a whole lot better.” I am going to put that sign up on my fridge today, “Allow feelings, Limit behavior” :)

  • Kiasa

    Thanks for linking up to my site! My kids love the “fun winter day activity” with milk. I love your inspiring site. Such good insights on motherhood

  • Dalal

    thanks kiasa! I love your little explorer series, I’m always checking in to see what clever new experiments you come up with.

  •, Hala

    Salam. I just wanted to say that I’m so happy you included those links about the mother’s with special needs children. Truly heartbreaking and eye-opening to how we so easily judge others without giving them their 70 excuses. It’s particularly sad because instead of providing much needed support, as a community (in our ignorance) we add to the burden with our judgements. Thanks again for sharing.

  • Umm Kashifa


    Jazakillah khair for featuring my blog in your pick, I am glad its of benefit to all. It’s the first time I am visiting your site – it seems to be a very interesting one with much to learn. Keep up the good work.