Growmama Picks for September 2013

  1. Have you fallen into a rut and need a new life perspective? Start a “see the flowers instead of the weeds campaign.”
  2. With Hajj coming up soon, here are some of our picks for involving your children in the experience. 10 super creative Hajj crafts and activities for kids
  3. Plan a trip to see the Eid sacrifice, it might turn into a memorable teaching moment.
  4. Commission your kids to build a Hajj bulletin board.
  5. Are your children having trouble in school? Read here for interesting ideas in training a wandering mind.
  6. And on that note, here are 8 ways screens are ruining your family’s life to motivate us to put our screens away.
  7. Put those trophies away, this is an interesting argument for letting children learn to deal with losing.
  8. Didn’t get picked for a basketball team? Help them form their own suggests this post. For those with older children, there are great ideas for helping them create their own opportunities.



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