Grow Mama Picks for October

  1. Try practicing a Sunnah of love in all your relationships, like this article recommends.
  2. Not sure how to approach Halloween when interacting with your kids and neighbors? Here is a great Grow Mama piece on how to talk to your kids about Halloween. Also, readers chime in about what they do with school celebrations of Halloween.
  3. Want to reap a great reward while simultaneously renewing your marriage? This piece contains some very nice ideas about how to treat your husband.
  4. This “Map of the USA” printable puzzle makes a great geography activity or a family game, instructions are included!
  5. We found this shopping guide a useful online resource for making good food choices on a tight budget.
  6. Have you been following the “having it all” debate? This NY Times piece recounts the experiences of women who want to opt back in.
  7. Grab a tissue. This poignant must read is a great piece on overcoming the trauma of miscarriage and learning to respect life and make the most of it.


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