P.G. Wodehouse, Free books!, Amazon, and Hats-in-Church

1.  I have homeschooler’s syndrome.  How do you pronounce “Wodehouse”, as in, P.G.? 2. I know there’s a great debate afoot about whether Catholics ought to buy books on Amazon.  Here’s what I’ve decided thus far: Free books don’t count. 3. I come from a family of undertakers, which might explain why I so enjoy [Read More...]

Sinner’s Guide to NFP – Round 2 & a Giveaway

I just finished reading Simcha Fisher’s A Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning this week, and I agree 100% with Sarah Reinhard’s review. My credentials to help you understand how much I like this book: I took Family Honor’s online course this summer.  For those who aren’t aware, it is an excellent class, but it’s [Read More...]

Halloween, Playfulness, and G.K. Chesterton

Why is Halloween the second most commercially-successful holiday in the US, and growing? In a follow-up to the Faith, Science & Halloween post, this morning on The Catholic Channel at SiriusXM I had a chance to chat with Gus Lloyd about the whole Halloween thing. My argument: People are playful. I’m aware that people also [Read More...]